What does Story Mode Map add to MCPE?

If you’re looking for adventure, the Story Mode Map is the perfect choice for Minecraft PE players. With exciting and unique locations, players can explore, test their parkour skills, and engage in thrilling PvP battles with friends.

PvP and Mini-Games

For those who love PvP, Story Mode has eleven PvP kits, three maps, and three mini-games. Players can engage in hide-and-seek and other exciting games with friends. Note that at least three players are required to access these options.


There are eleven kits available on this map for Minecraft PE. These include the magician with many options, warrior with iron armor and diamond sword, barbarian equipped with netherite, fisherman with a fishing hook, ghost that’s hard to see and catch, archer with a bow and shield, superhero with various abilities, demon that can burn the ground, wizard that can cast spells on opponents, mermaid with trident, and demolition that can shoot explosive missiles.


In Story Mode, Minecraft PE players have access to three maps. Flaming Crator is perfect for parkour and PvP, with many lava blocks. Ghost City is an abandoned location, and Thick Forest is another scary location to explore.


The Story Mode Map also offers many features for parkour lovers. Players can test their skills in multiple thematic locations and improve their abilities. The adventure starts in a small lobby, and players can explore the map with friends or on their own.

Download the Story Mode Map for Minecraft PE today and immerse yourself in an unforgettable adventure!