The Jurassic Park franchise is not just great to watch, but it makes people want to immerse themselves in the world of dinosaurs even more. The movie franchise has been filled with many game releases. Some are huge hits while others should have gone extinct.

Best: Jurassic Park- Sega Genesis

Choose your role: Dr. Alan Grant trying to escape the jungle or a Raptor, trying to escape Jurassic Park. The dual-gaming really made this two games and the gore is a nice bonus. Great controls makes this side-scroller still playable today.

Worst: Jurassic Park – SNES

Everything that the Genesis release got right, the NES version got wrong. The overhead graphics are clunky, action is sparse, and the game is hard to navigate. It tries to follow the role-playing action similar to the movie, but the game quickly becomes frustrating.

Best: Jurassic Park Builder – Various App Markets & Facebook

Create your own Jurassic Park. The ultimate fan game features the dinosaurs, logos, and traditions that people love. The parks are a lot more than just dinosaurs too. Build rides, entertain guests, and explore all different elements. The best part is that the game is never ending and players can constantly grow their park and earn rewards.

Worst: Jurassic Park: The Game – Xbox 360 & PC

This game had so much potential. The graphics were great, it returns to the original story, but for players there’s just not much to do. The storyline is awesome, but it works more like a digital movie than an actual game.

Players use controllers to click around the screen and attempt to solve very easy puzzles. If you cannot wait for Jurassic World, then consider this as a little warm up.

Best: Jurassic Park Arcade – Arcades

This game never gets old. Sit in a moving seat as you tour through Jurassic Park. Shoot your way through all kinds of dinosaurs in the classic title that sucked up many children’s quarters. A sequel was also made that is just as good.

When Jurassic World is released, expect a new collection of video games to enjoy. Dinosaur games have always been popular and the Jurassic Park franchise only enhances them. Find copies of these old games through video game retailers or auction websites.