Video game players will soon join the line of defense in malaria menangulangi. Scientists have created an online game that could help diagnose malaria infection.

The researchers developed a video game internet game is to identify patterns based on the original blood cell imaging. The hope, this online game can shorten the time spent to distinguish red blood cells infected with a healthy diet.

So far, volunteers are trained at the University of California Los Angeles managed to diagnose malaria-infected blood cells to the level of accuracy approaching trained pathologist. With varying degrees of accuracy of 1.25% compared with health professionals, a video game called crowdsourcing can be used as a way of better treatment of malaria.

“The idea is, if carefully combining the decisions of many people, even non-experts, the forum will be very competitive. Response a person might be good, but if you combine 20 to 50 people or experts and VIDO player game together , the level of accuracy will be greatly increased, “says Aydogan Ozcan, professor of electrical engineering and biotechnology as reported by Computer World, Monday.

The game was created by researchers at the Henry Samueli School of Engineering and Applied Science at UCLA and the David Geffen School of Medicine. Currently crowdsourcing is still focused on the diagnosis of malaria. But can also be changed for a variety of biomedical and environmental purposes. This game can be played anyone around the world through a variety of computing devices, from cell phones to personal computers.

In crowdsourcing, the players will be introduced to a brief tutorial on the characteristics of the infected blood cells. The players will then be presented with a box 6 pieces of 8 blood cells. The goal is to use one tool to neutralize the evil and choose the healthy cells are left. After completing a stage of the game, players are given another guide to analyze.

In developing countries, the process of analyzing the blood samples is quite time consuming. Especially when the number of doctors a little, the diagnosis would require a much longer time. Have a lot of gamers to solve this problem not only speed up the process of diagnosis, but also improve the precision of the analysis.

University of California Los Angeles is actually not the first time to develop this game. Washington University has also developed an online game called Foldit, in which the players compete fold and change the structure of the protein in a variety of different configurations.

Understanding the role that protein plays an important role in disease progression may help scientists decode the dangerous disease. The conversion of this protein could even lead to the creation of new proteins for drug research.