Warzone is one of the top battle royal games nowadays, alongside Fortnite and Apex legends. The latter two can boast their accessibility for gamers on the go, as both titles are accessible on mobile. Luckily, Call of Duty, Warzone players would also soon be capable of bragging about being capable to play their favourite battle royal game on the go, as the title is heading to Android and iOS in 2023.

Up to 120 live players can join a one match, and the mobile title will share the same operators and weapons as the PC and console title. On the other hand, the title will bring mobile-friendly gameplay playlists, experiences, events, and content.

When is the Call of Duty Warzone Android mobile release date?

Warzone mobile reviews

The Call of Duty warzone: Mobile launch date is scheduled for 2023. Unfortunately, Activision is yet to show its full release date plans for the game. All we know is that it is set to release at some point during 2023.

Unluckily, a launch date has not been provided yet. There are already packages for Warzone 2 to launch in 2023, so it might be possible that Warzone mobile is released as a side by side mobile counterpart, though that is definitely speculation.

Can I pre-register Call of Duty Warzone for Android mobile?

You can pre-register Call of Duty: Warzone mobile on the Google play store currently. Pre-registering the game will welcome you a chance to get early access to the game ahead of its release sometime in 2023.

To pre-register COD: Warzone mobile either go to the Play store on your smartphone and register for Warzone. Just tap on the “Pre-register” button and away you go.

Call of Duty Warzone mobile review gameplay details

Warzone mobile reviews

Call of Duty: Warzone mobile provides the warzone gameplay you know and love from consoles and PC but plonks it onto a smartphone display, including aircraft and drivable vehicles. This time around, though, it has been built ground up for mobile, including various control techniques you would expect.

The COD: Warzone mobile experience should have everything you would guess to see from Warzone. This contains buy stations dotted all through the map, contracts, and even the redeployment chance and a 1v1 action.

Additional, Call of Duty: Warzone mobile share cross-progression with Call of duty: Warzone 2.0 and Modern Warzone II. This means that your battle pass progression will carry over all different platforms and games.  Your friends list will be shared among the games too.

The mobile edition of Warzone will have its own events, customised playlists, and more special content. It will be its own experience as well as a shared one. Up to 120 live players can take part in a match, which is pretty amazing.

Call of Duty Warzone features

Warzone mobile reviews

Warzone mobile reviews

The game will feature Warzone real Verdansk map. Many details about the game remain a secret so far, despite the Google Play pre-registration listing open now. The listing does not tell us much. It is not known yet if warzone mobile Android will feature cross-play with PC and console players, but it will likely feature, at least, cross-play between iOS and Android players. What we know is that it will spec shared progression, and it will let you play against up to 120 players.

If you want to enjoy this game as soon as it is released, ensure to go to the Google play store listing and pre-register now. The game will mechanically download to your device as soon as it is launched.

Going mobile

Activision announced that mobile players will be capable of dropping into Warzone whenever and wherever they like to play Warzone Mobile, a latest experience coming to Android and iOS next year. This latest version of Warzone provides players battle royale content on the go with familiar weapons, operators, locations, and warzone combat for up to 120 live players in a match on mobile.

Warzone mobile was built mainly for Android and iOS devices to provide a powerful mobile gaming experience, including geared-for mobile playlists, specific content, and events. Players can also look forward to deep control customization. With the latest technology unifying the Call of Duty experience, players in Modern Warzone 2.0, Modern Warfare II, and Warzone mobile can enjoy a shared social experience, cross-progression of a shared battle pass, and more.

Build for mobile players

Warzone mobile reviews


Every aspect of the games development is customized for mobile gameplay:

Mobile optimization

Everything from movement, weapon handling and aiming, to animations, physics, and sound has been optimized for mobile gaming in order to deliver the ultimate authenticity, accuracy, and performance you can expect from Call of Duty.

Built for the way you play

With deep customization options for mobile gadgets, you are capable to pick up and play no issue with your expertise level. Mobile gaming professionals, PC and console players who want to sneak in a few more matches, and even new recruits who just need a pretty extra help getting into the flow of the game. We have you covered.

Customized content

The game will also feature a robust range of mobile-specific events, customized playlists, and a range of unique content that you cannot find anywhere else.

Beta access

If you would like to get your hands on Modern warfare it is a multiplayer suite, you can do so via the robust open beta. The latest Warfare 2 open beta will be free across all platforms, with those who pre-order the game getting early access. Early access kicks off on 16 September on PS and on 22 September for PC and Xbox. The beta opens to all on PS and 18 September and on Xbox and PC on 24 September. Further, those who pre-order the real version of Modern Warfare II will get access to the campaign up to a week early.

Over the 2 weekend beta, players can take part in game modes like Domination, Deathmatch, Prisoner Rescue, Knockout, and Invasion. The beta will spread beyond the traditional 6×6 matches, providing large-scale Ground War matches of 32v32. Players can duke it out on maps like Valderas Museum, Sariff Bay, Mercado Las Almas, and Farm 18.