Ayaka in Genshin Impact is a 5-star Cryo Sword character who specialises as a Cryo Main DPS, and is just accessible on the Character Event Wish banner while she is featured character. Keep reading to find out what materials are required to Ascend Ayaka, her best builds and an overview how to use her rightly.

How to get Kamisato Ayaka in Genshin Impact?

Ayaka debuted in her own character banner known as “The Heron Court” in 2020, and Hoyoverse brought the banner back for the second half of Genshin impact 2.6 update. The present Heron court banner runs until 9 May. The next banner is delayed indefinitely, and Hooyoverse has not yet announced what will run after Ayaka banner.

Best Ayaka Builds in Genshin Impact

ayaka genshin impact

Ayaka is initially a DPS character. You can use her as elemental support for another DPS thanks to the Cryo effect her dash applies, though putting her in that role misses out on her potential as strong key DPS.

Ayaka passive talent Amatsumi Kumitsumi sanctification raises her normal and charged damage by thirty percent after using her expertise, and the Kanten Senmyou Blessing Talent rises Cryo damage by 18 percent for ten seconds after the Cyro fog effect from Ayaka dash connects with an enemy. That is forty-eight percent boosts without even considering the potential for extra critical damage from freezing rivals.

Ayaka critical damage rises as she levels up. Given how simply she can apply Cryo, the most famous way to build Ayaka is a Freeze machine, with the Blizzard Strayer set, an extra Hydro character, and Cryo character.

Pairing her with fighters such as Kamisato and Xingqui Ayato, whose Hydro effects linger long after the features have the field, means you can continually Freeze enemies, Blizzard strayer rises the users critical hit rate against Frozen enemies by forty percent, and the Shattering Ice Resonance effect, obtained by having 2 Cryo characters in your party, boost it an additional 15 percent.

The same rule applies to parties built around other elements as well. Pair Ayaka with Bennett or Xiangling for a Mett party, with Raiden Shogun and the Fischl are handy for superconduct parties, which has the included bonus of reducing the enemy’s physical resistance.


ayaka weapon genshin impact

Ayaka top in shot is simply Mistsplitter Reforged. This is an amazing Sword, with not just the highest Base ATK a sword can have, but also an extremely high amount of CRIT DMG as its substat. Its passive is also tailored to match Ayaka playstyle; it provides her an Elemental DMG Bonus that stacks as you play her, which will raise her DMG output. Alternatively, Ayaka can also use the Primordial Jade Cutter to best effect, since it provides a tonne of CRIT rate and an ATK% bonus based on her Max HP. There is a fallacy that Ayaka should not use this weapon when equipped with four piece Blizzard strayer since she could have too much CRIT rate, but as long as the rest of your Artefacts have High CRIT DMG stats, this setup is rightly viable and will provide you a continually high DPS.

Ayaka can also best use of some four star weapons. Blackcliff longsword is preferable, since it will provide her CRIT DMG which syergises with four piece Blizzard Strayer CRIT rate. Anyway, she can also job well with the Black Sword which provides a perfect amount of CRIT rate; like with the Primordial jade Cutter, as long as her Artefacts have top CRIT DMG substats, this weapon is rightly efficient.


4 pieces of Blizzard Strayer is still extremely best for a normal and charged attack targeted Ayaka, but it you are using in Anenoma Kageuchi and building her burst, it might be value adding a 2 pieces of Noblesse Oblige for its twenty percent damage buff. The stat layout is the same as the built above, but if you are targeting on her burst, ensure you build lots of power recharge so Ayaka can it often.

AR45 artifacts

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If you are below AR 45, don’t fear. Blizzard Strayer is found in the peak of Vindagnyr Domain in Dragonspine, and while you should perfectly be AR 20 to handle the risk there, you can technically explore it at any time.

The Gladiators Finale set is another powerful choice. The 2 piece effect raises attack by eighty percent and 4 piece effect rises that buff by a further thirty-five percent if the wearer uses a sword claymore or polearm. For Ayaka, that is an attack boost of fifty-three percent before even considering the buffs from her talents. This is a fairly general set that drops from weekly bosses, normal bosses, and the reliquaries you can get in the Spiral Abyss.

If you want to use Akaya expertise more often, consider trying the Gambler set. The 2 piece effect rises the power of the users element skill by thirty percent, and the 4 piece effect removes the skills cooldown trimer after the users defeats a rival.

Best team cops

ayaka genshin impact best builds

Ayaka is a Cyro main DPS who deals a lot of her DMG via her Cyro infusion charged attacks. Her expertise and her Burst can also deal big amounts of DMG, and even more so when coupled with Elemental Reactions. Since Ayaka has such fast Cyro application, she works amazingly well on Freeze teams: Hydro characters such as Kokomi, Xingqui, and Mona, who all have off-field Hydro application, are mainly potent when teamed up with Ayaka.

An Anemo character is also vital on a Freeze team since they will be capable to spread the Hydro amongst your enemies, who can then be simply frozen by Ayaka. Anemo characters also have access to the four pieces VV Artifact set, which debuffs your enemies RES to the element they swirl, which will raise your team full DPS. So, characters such as Venti, Sucrose, Kazuha and even a more supportive lean can work well here.

End words about Ayaka in Genshin Impact

At the time of writing this page, Ayaka is presently the featured limited character. If you are on the fence about Ayaka, just know that she is arguably the powerful main DPS unit in the game. If this build guide made you interested, be sure to wish on her banner before it is over.