A detailed guide on Faruzan in Genshin Impact: the best builds for squads, artifacts, and weapons. All about skills and constellations. What you need for Faruzan when ascending and pumping talents.

Faruzan is a 4 ⭐ rare Anemo archer and part-time scholar from the darshan of Harawatath in Sumeru. Despite her youthful appearance, she likes to think of herself as older than everyone else, while possessing a vast knowledge of ancient manuscripts and ancient mechanisms. Madame Faruzan’s profound knowledge makes one wonder if she had a hand in writing the Academy’s curriculum.

How to Get Faruzan in Genshin Impact

Farouzan can be obtained in the Prayer Patch 3.3 character event. Starting with the next update, the archer will appear in the standard banner on a permanent basis.

All constellations are knocked out along with getting copies of the heroine.

Faruzan Characterisics: What’s Raised When Raised

The main Farouzan stat that gets boosted when you pump up is the attack power. In addition, HP, flat attack, and defense all increase. The exact values can be found in the table.

Level Base HP Base Attack Base Defense Attack Strength
1 802 17 53 0
20 2061 42 135 0
40 3985 82 262 0
50 5074 104 333 6.0%
60 6305 129 414 12.0%
70 7393 152 485 12.0%
80 8481 174 556 18.0%
90 9570 196 628 24.0%

Faruzan’s Abilities

abilities faruzan in genshin impact

Faruzan is an Anemo Buffer whose skills are aimed at helping her team by shrinking enemies while using her elemental skill and lowering their resistance to Anemo with an elemental explosion. She is also able to put an effect on characters that gives a bonus to Anemo damage.

The following is a closer look at how Faruzan’s skills work, and in what order they should be rolled.

Basic Skills (Active Skills)

  • Parthian Shot (normal, charged, fall attack)

With normal attack, makes up to 4 archery shots.

Accumulates the power of the mighty wind while aiming and fires with increased Anemo damage. Releases a hail of arrows when attacking in a fall. Deals physical damage to the area after landing.


  • Realm of Winds nasamjnin (elemental skill)

Creates a polyhedron that deals area damage to Anemo and endows Faruzan with the manifestation state of the storm: the next charged shot expends this state and transforms into a hurricane arrow that deals damage to Anemo. This damage is proportional to the damage of a fully charged normal attack shot.

The Hurricane Arrow casts a Pressure Void on opponents or characters. After a short delay, a vortex is created that deals Anemo Damage to the area and pulls down nearby items and enemies. If the hurricane arrow does not hit mobs or heroes, the Collapse will appear in the affected area.

Storm duration: 18 seconds. Roll time: 6 seconds.

  • Arcane Paths of the Winds (Explosion of the elements)

Creates a Dazzling Polyhedron that releases a Storm Wave and attacks Anemo with area damage. The polyhedron moves across the battlefield in a triangular trajectory. After reaching the top of the triangle, releases a single Storm Wave:

  • When hit, the wave casts the Scourge of Insidious Winds on enemies, which reduces their Anemo resistance by 30% for 4 seconds.
  • It also deals a Praying Wind Gift to nearby characters, giving them an Anemo Damage Bonus for 4 seconds.

Duration: 12 seconds. Rollback time: 20 seconds. Energy Consumption: 80.

Order of Pumping

The key skill of Faruzan is elemental explosion. It allows the archer to maximize her abilities as a buffer, because the level of pumping increases and bonus Anemo damage. It should be pumped first up to level 9-10.

The elemental skill is also a pretty strong skill with control. In addition, when you open the passive talent “Rush Flux”, it also lowers Anemo resistance, as well as the Ult. Normal attacks are only worth pumping up if you use the archer as your main dd. But keep in mind that the damage is still quite low.

Passive Skills

Talent What gives
Folios light the way Increases the reward for expeditions to Sumer for 20 hours by 25%.
Rapid flow During the elemental skill’s storm manifestation state, the time of the aiming shot charge is reduced by 60%, and the scourge of insidious elemental explosion winds is applied to enemies when they are hit by a pressure vortex, lowering their anemo resistance by 30%.
The lost wisdom of the seven caves When characters under the gift of the praying wind buff of Faruzan’s ulta deal damage to Anemo with any attacks or abilities, they gain the protection of hurricanes: the damage dealt is increased by 32% of faruzan’s base attack no more than once every 0.8 seconds. after the end of the prayer wind gift or a single activation, the effect disappears.


The best constellations for Faruzan are C2, C4 and C6:

  • The second constellation will increase the duration of the elemental explosion, which means that the buffs will be active a little longer. Specifically, the normal duration of the ulta is 12 seconds, each buff lasts for 4 seconds. That is, they could update at best no more than 3 times. Also after that, you had to wait another 8 seconds for the rollback. However, after getting C2 elemental blast lasts for 18 seconds, which means the boosts can upgrade 1 more time, and the end of the recharge will be 2 seconds instead of 8 seconds.
  • The fourth solves the problem with energy gain, as she can generate an extra 4 units of energy every time she uses an elemental skill.
  • The sixth constellation allows Faruzan to increase the crits damage of the active character dealing Anemo damage by 40% during her ulta. This is not only a great boost for the Anemo DPS-er, but also for the archer herself. In fact, C6 increases her potential as both a Damager and a Buffer at the same time.
Title Properties
1 Truth by any means During the effect of the manifestation of the storm elemental skill Faruzan charged shots can release up to 2 hurricane arrows.
The enraptured mind
Blinding elemental blast polyhedron exists 6 seconds longer -> 18 seconds.
3 Walking through the garden of spirits Increases the level of the wind kingdom skill Nasamjnin (elemental skill) by 3. max. ur: 15.
4 Divine comprehension Depending on the number of hits by pressure vortex collapse (elemental skill) Farouzan regenerates his energy: hitting one enemy – 2 units of energy, and each additional hit – 0.5 energy. one vortex can restore no more than 4 units of energy.
5 The wondrous world of reflection

Increases the skill level of arcane paths of the winds (elemental explosion) by 3. max. gain: 15.

6 The wondrous path of truth When characters under the praying wind’s gift of the faroukhan’s ult buff deal Anemo damage, their crit damage is increased by 40%. if an active character under the influence of prayerwind’s gift hits an enemy, it is subject to a pressure void (screed), but no more than once every 3 seconds. the roll is common for the whole team.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Faruzan

faruzan genshin

Given the characteristics and mechanics of Faruzan’s skills, constellations, and talents, it is possible to draw general conclusions about her strengths and weaknesses.

Among the heroine’s key strengths are:

  • An excellent snapper-buffer for any Anemo dd.
  • It reduces enemies’ Anemo resistance by 30% and gives an Anemo damage bonus of 18% at 1st level and 32.4% at 10th level.
  • Can pull enemies down with an elemental skill and deal area damage. The ability has a fast rollback time of 6 seconds.
  • The passive flurry talent reduces the charge time of the aiming shot, which allows Faruzan to create a funnel during an elemental skill. Hitting enemies with this funnel lowers their resistance to Anemo even without an active Ult.
  • The passive talent “Lost Wisdom of the Seven Caves” increases the damage dealt to enemies from Faruzan’s base attack when the active character is under the influence of the Elemental Damage Buff.
  • With certain builds, it can reclassify as a damager using its own buffs.


  • The elemental blast costs 80 units of energy, which is quite a lot, and it also has a long rollback time of 20 seconds. That said, the ulta is Faroukhan’s main support and strength skill.
  • Buffs do not work for other elemental characters except Anemo, which limits the squad composition where she can effectively implement herself as a sapport.
  • Has a low base attack, which makes her difficult to assemble as a hand-damager.
  • Low own defense and health stats require healers or shield-guards if she is often on the battlefield.

Faruzan Pumping

In this paragraph we will consider what materials will be required for the maximum level of Faruzan pumping.


faruzan genshin

Resources needed to elevate Faruzan:

  • The red-blossom gemstone of Sumeru.
  • Shards, fragments, pieces, and gems of Vaiyud turquoise.
  • Red silk, falling from the Desertflies.
  • Light-conducting tetrahedron, material from the World Boss Algorithm Semi-Eternal
  • Observation Operator Matrix.
  • 420.000 Mora and 421 hero experience.


faruzan genshin

To pump Faruzan talents, in addition to red silk, you will need:

  • Talent books on “Precepts” from the Tower of Ignorance dungeon in Sumeru. Farmed on Monday, Thursday, and Sunday.
  • Puppet Threads – Material from the weekly boss Seki no Kami.
  • Crown of Insight for 10th level talents.
  • 1.650.000 mora.

Best builds for Faruzan in Genshin Impact

Faruzan is a powerful Anemo Buffer, but she can also use her skills to increase her own damage, as the bonuses apply to any character that deals damage with this element. Most often she plays the role of a named support hero, because in this case it is much easier for her to realize herself. However, in this guide we’ll look at two variations of the build.

faruzan genshin builds

Recommended Characteristic Values

Here are the artifact stats and optimal final characteristic values for each Faruzan build.

Sapper Buffer

If Faruzan is used to boost her main bark, the most important thing for her is to gather as much energy recovery as possible to activate her ult on rollback. The rest of her stats only affect her personal damage. Crits and attack power can be gained if you want the archer to contribute as well. Mastery of the elements is gathered if you want to increase damage from other elements’ dispersion.

Characteristics that are recommended to look for in artifacts:

Artifact Basic Characteristic Additional Stats
Flower of Life HP (constant) Energy recovery %

Attack power %

Critical hurt / chance of critical hit

Elemental mastery
Death Pen Attack Power (constant) Energy recovery %

Attack power %

Critical hurt / chance of critical hit

Elemental mastery
Sands of Time Energy Restoration % Attack power %

Critical damage

Chance of critical hit

Elemental mastery
Cup of Space Anemo Damage Bonus % Energy restoration %

Attack power %

Chance of critical hit

Crit. damage
Crown of Mind Crit. Damage / Chance of Critical Hit Energy regeneration %

Crit. damage / chance of critical hit

attack power %

elemental skill

Optimal stats values:

  • Energy Restoration: 220% and higher.
  • Attack power: from 1500 units and higher.
  • Chance of Crite and Crittal Damage: 1:2 ratio (50 ksh and 100 ku).
  • Elemental mastery (when playing from Dissipation): about 250-300 units.

Secondary/Main DD

In this case, attack power and crits are on par with energy regeneration. They need to be kept in balance to achieve the maximum impact, as you should not neglect energy anyway. Ult is still a powerful buff, which is also important for Faruzan herself if she also does damage.

Characteristics that are recommended to look for in artifacts:


Artifact Basic Characteristic Additional Stats
Flower of Life HP (constant) Crit. damage
Chance of Critical Hit
Attack Power %
Energy Restoration % / Mastery of Elements
Death Pen Attack Power (constant) Crit. damage
Chance of Critical Hit
Energy Restore %
Attack Power % / Mastery of Elements
Sands of Time Energy Restoration % Energy Restoration % / Attack Power %
Critical Damage
Chance of Critical Hit
Elemental Mastery
Cup of Space Anemo Damage Bonus % Crit. damage
Chance of Critical Hit
Attack Power %
Energy Restore %
Crown of Mind Crit. Damage / Chance of Critical Hit Crit. damage / Chance of Critical Hit
Energy Restore %
Attack Power %
Elemental Skill

Optimal stats values:

  • Attack power: 1900-2000 or higher.
  • Chance and Critical Damage: 1:2 ratio (60 ksh and 120 ku).
  • Energy Recovery: 200% and higher.
  • Mastery of the elements (when playing from Dissipation): about 250-300 units.

How to Play as Faruzan

faruzan genshin how to

Faruzan is first and foremost an Anemo Buffer, whose goal is to increase the elemental damage of the main damager with an elemental explosion while lowering the enemies’ resistance to Anemo. Therefore, her game is based on a consistent application of the elemental skill to gain energy. Despite a certain narrow focus. The heroine can deal her own damage using her own boosts. But even so, the principle of the game does not change. The only thing is that she has to be present on the battlefield more often, rather than going “in the pocket”.


The order of ability activation in a squad with Faruzan, where she acts as support, is as follows:

  1. Apply skills and buffs to the rest of the out-of-battlefield damage saports.
  2. Switch to Faruzan and use the elemental skill, switching to the manifest storm state. Then release a charged shot at the enemies. Thereby creating a vortex and getting particles of energy.
  3. Activate the elemental blast, then switch to Anemo Damager and start attacking the enemies with skills and normal strikes until all the boosts run out.
  4. Repeat from step 1.

For Faruzan in the main dd position the rotation is as follows:

  1. Activate elemental abilities and buffs on the saports.
  2. Switch to Faruzan, use E-shell and charged attack to create a vortex and generate energy particles.
  3. We use the elemental explosion, thus getting a bonus to Anemo damage and lowering the enemies resistance for 12 seconds, then start attacking. You can also switch to other saps and sap-dd’s to upgrade their skills in the arena if you play through Dispersion.
  4. After 6 seconds reapply the elemental skill and charged shot to once again draw down all opponents.
  5. While the skill is recharging and the ult is storing energy, repeat the rotation from step 1.


Faruzan is a unique Anemo sapper that has no analogues in the game, as most of the time the characters of this element are aimed at enhancing the other elements and increasing the damage from Dissipation. However, Faruzan allows Anemo Damagers to reveal themselves, increasing their damage and lowering enemies’ resistance to this element. Also, in certain builds she can do her own damage with her buffs.

If you need a support hero or a sap-dad to team up with Anemo DPS (like Wanderer, Xiao, or Heizo), Sumeru Academy’s scientist is a great way to do it.