Windwheel Aster is one of the important resources in Genshin Impact which is required to ascend various characters and weapons. Due to its significance, players are always on the lookout to gather as many Windwheel Aster as possible. However, finding Windwheel Aster locations in Genshin Impact can be a bit tricky as it only appears in specific areas.

The Windwheel Aster plant can be found in vast open areas or grassy patches, especially in the northern and eastern regions of Mondstadt. These areas are home to many locations where Windwheel Aster displays actively. The plant can also grow on elevated platforms, which require a player to climb up to gather them.

As you traverse through the game, keep an eye out for areas that have short grass along with blue and pink flowers. These areas are the perfect place to locate Windwheel Aster. Additionally, players can obtain the resource by defeating elites and bosses who drop Windwheel Aster as a reward for killing them.

If you are struggling to find Windwheel Aster locations, then rest easy as we have compiled a guide that highlights some of the best spots in Genshin Impact. Read on to learn more about these locations and how to get your hands on some Windwheel Aster.

Discover Windwheel Aster in Genshin Impact

What is Windwheel Aster?

Windwheel Aster is a unique type of flower found only in the world of Genshin Impact. It is easily recognizable by its vibrant purple color and the tiny whirlwind that spins around it.

Where to Find Windwheel Aster?

Windwheel Aster can be found growing in various locations throughout the world of Genshin Impact. Some of the most common locations include Mondstadt, Liyue, and Dragonspine.

  • In Mondstadt, Windwheel Aster can be found in the area around the Statue of the Seven and in the region north of Springvale.
  • In Liyue, Windwheel Aster can be found in the area around the Statue of the Seven and in the region around Dunyu Ruins.
  • In Dragonspine, Windwheel Aster can be found in several locations in the area around the Frostbearing Tree.

Why Collect Windwheel Aster?

Windwheel Aster has a number of uses in Genshin Impact, including being used as an ingredient in various cooking recipes and as a material for crafting weapons, artifacts, and character ascension materials.

Furthermore, Windwheel Aster is required to complete certain quests in the game. For example, players must collect Windwheel Aster as part of the “Mondstadt and its Archon” questline.

Overall, Windwheel Aster is a valuable resource that players should not overlook while exploring the world of Genshin Impact.

Location Coordinates
Mondstadt 43, 21
Liyue 82, 19
Dragonspine 95, 145

Why You Need Windwheel Aster?

Why You Need Windwheel Aster?

1. Ascension Materials

Windwheel Aster is an important ascension material that is required to level up certain characters in Genshin Impact. It is needed to ascend characters like Venti, Sucrose, and Diona, among others.

2. Crafting Materials

Aside from its use as an ascension material, Windwheel Aster is also a crafting material used in creating certain weapons, artifacts, and potions. It is needed to craft items like the Wind Catcher, Favonius Lance, and Gushing Essential Oil.

3. Energy Restoration

Windwheel Aster can also be used for energy restoration. When consumed, it restores a small amount of energy to the character, making it useful in combat, especially during boss fights and challenging domains.

  • It is worth noting that Windwheel Aster only grows in certain locations, making it a valuable resource to obtain.
  • For those in need of this important plant, they can find it in the Mondstadt region, particularly in areas like Windrise, Brightcrown Mountains, and Stormbearer Mountains.
  • Players can also purchase Windwheel Aster from certain NPCs, like Chloris the florist in Monstadt, making it easier to acquire as needed.

Overall, Windwheel Aster is an essential resource in Genshin Impact, and players should ensure they obtain enough of it to ensure they can level up their characters and craft important items as needed.

Where to Find Windwheel Aster?

1. Liyue

1. Liyue

Windwheel Aster can be found in the Liyue region of Teyvat. Specifically, they grow in and around the city of Liyue, so exploring that area is a good place to start your search. One of the best places to look is the Qiongji Estuary, which is located to the south of Liyue.

2. Other Locations

2. Other Locations

Windwheel Aster can also be found in other parts of Teyvat, including the Mondstadt region. However, their availability in these regions may be limited, so it’s best to focus on Liyue if you need to gather a lot of them quickly.

If you’re having trouble finding Windwheel Aster, try exploring mountainous areas and high altitudes. The flowers tend to grow in rocky terrain, so keep an eye out for them while climbing cliffs or hiking through mountainous regions.

3. Harvesting Techniques

3. Harvesting Techniques

Finally, keep in mind that there are several techniques you can use to improve your chances of finding Windwheel Aster. One strategy is to use elemental sight to locate the flowers, as they will be highlighted in your vision. Another is to use a character with the foraging talent, which increases the chances of obtaining materials when harvesting plants.

With a bit of effort and strategy, you should be able to find plenty of Windwheel Aster for all your crafting needs in Genshin Impact.

Tips for Collecting Windwheel Aster

Tips for Collecting Windwheel Aster

1. Understand their habitat

1. Understand their habitat

Windwheel Aster grows in a specific habitat, which is on the slopes of cliffs or near the walls of ruins. They can also be found in the Mondstadt region, around the Windrise area and the Stormterror’s Lair.

2. Keep an eye on the time and weather

2. Keep an eye on the time and weather

The Windwheel Aster grows at specific times of day and under specific weather conditions. They appear more often during the day and under clear or windy weather. Keep track of the time and weather for better results.

3. Use elemental sight

Using elemental sight can help locate Windwheel Aster more easily. The flowers emit an Anemo aura that make them stand out among other plants. Just make sure to keep an eye on the time and weather as well.

4. Bring a character with a bow

4. Bring a character with a bow

Some Windwheel Aster are located on the sides of cliffs or high up on ruins, making them hard to reach. Bringing a character with a bow can make collecting them easier, as they can shoot down the flowers from a distance.

5. Check out every corner

5. Check out every corner

Windwheel Aster can be easily overlooked, and sometimes they’re located in hidden or unexpected places. Take the time to explore and check out every corner, you never know where they might be hiding.

  • Overall, collecting Windwheel Aster requires patience, attention to detail and the right tools. By understanding their habitat, paying attention to the time and weather, using elemental sight, bringing a character with a bow and exploring every corner, you’ll be able to collect enough to your heart’s content.


Where can I find Windwheel Asters?

You can find Windwheel Asters in Liyue region of Genshin Impact. They grow on the rocky terrain and can be found on the sides of cliffs and mountains.

Are Windwheel Asters rare?

Windwheel Asters are not particularly rare, but they may take some effort to find as they only grow in specific locations in Liyue region.

Can I find Windwheel Asters in other regions?

No, Windwheel Asters are exclusive to Liyue region in Genshin Impact.

What do I need Windwheel Asters for?

Windwheel Asters are used as an ingredient in several cooking recipes, as well as for character ascension materials.

How many Windwheel Asters do I need for ascension?

The number of Windwheel Asters required for ascension varies depending on the character. For example, Ningguang requires 168 Windwheel Asters for ascension to level 80.

Are there any specific times of day when Windwheel Asters are more likely to spawn?

No, Windwheel Asters can be found at any time of day in their specific locations.

What is the respawn time for Windwheel Asters?

Windwheel Asters have a respawn time of 48 hours, meaning they will reappear in their specific locations 2 days after being collected.

Are there any characters with passive talents related to Windwheel Asters?

Yes, Xinyan has a passive talent called “Outspoken” which increases the chance of obtaining double the product when gathering Windwheel Asters.