What are the archons in Genshin Impact?

The Seven Archons generally called as the Seven or Archon is a title for the 7 gods who preside over the 7 realms of Teyvat.

Each Archon is linked with ideals and elements that are owned, where it will affect the shape of the territory and the technique of government of each country.

Archon’s Genshin impact is picked based on the winter of a war, namely the Archon War.

Two-thousand years ago, there was a great war between the Gods and the Archon war. The war aims to protect or win the territory owned.

This Chosen Archon is then given an object known as Gnosis, which relates and resonates directly with Celestia.

This gnosis is shaped like a chess pawn whose real work is still not discussed all through the story games.

All of these Archons have something in general, namely their love for humans and sense of responsibility to save humans.

Who are the 7 archons in Genshin?

genshin archons

According to the number of Teyvat countries, there are seven Archons who each govern each of these countries.

Unfortunately, there are just two Archon Genshin Impacts that are really original.

Both have been launched by Genshin Impact under the names Zhongli and Venti.

Other archons have died in war and were changed with new Archons.

The following is information about the Archon characters in Genshin impact:

Anemo Archon

Anemo Archon

Anemo Archon is the god of wind and his name is Barbatos. Anyway, in this game, he is called Venti. This hero is the primary Archon that you meet in this game and he represents everything matched to freedom. Even though he is the god of Mondstadt, he favors to leave his people free and does not control them.

His expertise with this medieval weapon is unmatched since he can do many moves. Six non-stop shots with the bow deal critical damage and AoE damage to the enemies group – his range capabilities are extremely helpful. Regarding the aesthetic and lore part of the character, Venti is a free-spirit, wine-loving bard in this area Mondstadt and Barbatos vessel, the strong Anmo Archon.

  •         Alias: Barbatos, Venti, Drunken Bard, God of Freedom
  •         National: Mondstadt
  •         Divine Ideal: Freedom
  •         Gnosis Element: Anemo
  •         Weapon: Bow

Geo Archon

Geo Archon

Geo Archon is the god of contracts and stone. His name is Morax but most players know him as Zhongli. He is the ruler of Liyue and one of the top supporter characters in this game. He is over 6,000 years old, which makes him the oldest Genshin impact character thus far. Morax represents the ideal of Contracts in Liyue.

He is a big character in Liyue Archon questline and the second of the 7 Archons met in the game. Unlike Venti, he willingly provides up his Gnosis to Signora as part of a contract. He wanted to see if Liyue could move on without him, and it appeared as though they were more than capable of doing so.

After years of ruling the people of Liyue toward prosperity, Zhongli decided to step down and let humanity take control of their lives in his nonattendance. To this end, Zhongli faked his own death and began to live amongst the mortals as a consultant for the Wangsheng Funeral Parlor.

  •         Alias: Rex Lapis, Zhongli, Morax, God of Contracts
  •         Divide Ideal: Contracts
  •         Gnosis Element: Geo
  •         Nation: Liyue
  •         Weapon: Polearm

Electro Archon

Electro Archon

Electro Archon is the goddess of eternity and lightning. Also, she is famous as the almighty Raiden Shogun and the Inazuma ruler. Her name is Beelzebul but Paimon and Traveler call her Ei.

Baal is an upcoming playable character and is also known as the Raiden Shotgun, unlike the prior 2 Archons, it is unknown how old Baal is.

As the God of Eternity, Ball actions are generally geared towards her pursuit of eternity. The Electro archon is also in control over the visions the Inazuma people have, as it is unknown to whom the last vision has given in the Genshin impact story. In that regard, this character is extremely strict and stern in her approach.

Baal was one of the gods involved in the Archon war that happened five-hundred years before. Later on, it was exposed that Baal actually died in war and was replaced by her twin sister named Beelzebul.

  •         Alias: Baal, Ei, Raiden, Beelzebul, God of Eternity
  •         Divide ideal: Eternity
  •         Gnosis Element: Electro
  •         Nation: Inazuma
  •         Weapon: Polearm

Dendro Archon

Dendro Archon

Dendro Archon is named Nahida and she is the goddess of wisdom and flowers. She is the ruler of Sumeru and the Youngest Archon in the game.

That is because Kusanali changes the old Dendro Archon, namely Greater Lord Rukkadevata. It is said that former Dendro Archon disappeared in the same war as Makoto.

Vicigers can find out a fuller story about Kusanali later on the Archon Quest which will soon be presented at updates Genshin Impact 3.0.

  •   Alias: Little Lord of Kusanagi, God of Wisdom, Flower of Archon
  •   Divine ideal: Wisdom
  •   Gnosis element: Dendro
  •   Nation: Sumeru

Hydro Archon

Hydro Archon

Like Sumeru, Hydro Archon/Fontaine has extremely little information released. Actually, the God of Justice has the least information accessible among the Seven as of Inazuma release.

That said, not all is lost, as some detail about the Hydro Archon has come to light. Based on her explanation in the Travail trailer, Fontaine is to be the skeptic among gods. She places great significance on upholding laws and respecting the courtroom, and has claimed that only the Tribunal can judge any person, including her. The God of Justine got her Archon status after the previous Hydro Archon passed away, but much else is known about her yet.

  •         Alias: God of Justice
  •         Gnosis Element: Hydro
  •         Divine ideal: Justice
  •         National: Fontaine

Pyro Archon

Pyro Archon

It is unknown what Murata’s real name is, but her current persona is called Murata. She is also known as the Fire Lady in Natlan but has little information known about her otherwise. She is the God of War in Genshin Impact.

She is described by Venti as being a warmongering wrench, and that ancient warriors used to do rites of combat and celebrate victories in her name. Not much else is presently known about the Pyro Archon.

  •         Gnosis Element: Pyro
  •         Alias: Murata, God of War
  •         Nation: Natlan
  •         Divine ideal: War

Cryo Archon

Cryo Archon

Tsaritsa is the Cryo Archon who leads the Snezhnaya. The Vicigers likely already knew that Tsaritsa was the Fatui leader.

It is known actually why Tsaritsa formed Fatui and combined gnosis.

Unlike Natlan, Fontaine, and Sumeru, there exists a lot of information about Snezhnaya due to the player get together with Fatui. Though she is surrounded in mystery, players should be alert that the Tsaritsa is the Cyro Archon and leader of the Fatui. It can be concluded that most citizens of Snezhana are not Tsaritsa fans, rather being drawn to her side by power.

That said, one of the largest mysteries about the Tsaritsa is her real ideal. There have been many theories: Calamity, the God of War, the list goes on. One of the biggest fan theories states that she is the God of Love, based on her description in the Travail preview trailer. Nonetheless, it is clear that Tsaritsa is now an unkind goddess, with small respect for her people.

  •         Alias: The Tsaritsa
  •         Divine Ideal: Love
  •         Gnosis Element: Cyro
  •         Nation: Snezhnaya
  •         Weapon: N/A

Which genshin archons are the strongest?

Our list below is based fully on the lore and what we know so far about the characters. Anyway, we have excluded any of the 7 Archons in Tivat from the list.  This is because they are considered some of the powerful beings in Genshin impact. If they made it to this ranking, it is no question that all 7 would be added.


Klee genshin archon

Klee might be a child, but don’t let that fool you. It is described as a joke that Klee is the powerful member of the Knights of Favonius, and we don’t disagree with it. Because of her fascination and proficiency with pyrotechnics, klee is one of the powerful forces in the game. Largely taking after her mother Alice, Klee definition of fun is throwing bombs any place she can and watching the explosions.

Ning Guang

ning guang genshin archon

Gaining her status through sheer perseverance and hard work, she almost invariably looks at every condition from a business perspective. Ning Guang is the owner of the impressive Jade Chamber, a floating palace of her design that contains the information, secrets, and business dealings of nearly all Liyue.

Ning Guang wields a Geo vision and is also very expert at wielding it, and further possesses powers that are not seemingly matched to her elements, such as levitation. She can fortify and mobilize the Jade Chamber with seemingly pretty effort and uses somewhat under clear capabilities.


xiao genshin archon

A very old warrior who fights gods as a daily routine, Xiao is an Adeptus who wash out evil and defends Liyue against danger. Being more than two-thousand years old, we know that he fought on Rex Lapis’ side during the Archon War. Xiao has had the luxury of time and rightly used that to become one of the powerful Adepti in existence. Out of 5 Adepti, Rex Lapis appointed to become Yakshas or specialized demon slayers.


tartaglia genshin archon

Tartaglia, or better called as Childe, is a fan favorite in Genshin impact. Despite the fact that he is linked with the group known as bad guys in Teyvat, travelers love Childe and find his lore amazing.

He is the 11th Fatui Harbinger, possessing both a Delusion and Vision. This is revealed when we have the opportunity to fight against him at the Golden House. He is also known to be a professional fighter, with most of Teyvat not wanting to get caught in a fight with him.

Tartaglia changed a lot during his time spent training under Skirk. He is famous as the youngest Fatui Harbinger and that alone is proof of Tartaglia’s undeniable power. If you had the chance to try out Tartaglia gameplay, you may have observed that he uses 2 different weapons.

Although his key weapon is Bow, has the capability to use daggers and a polearm mild-combat.

La Signora

la signora genshin archon

One of the primary enemies in the early chapters of the Archon Quests, Rosalyne-Kruzchka Lohefalter, also called as La Signora and by her alies “The Fair Lady,” was No 8 of the 11 Fatui Harbingers.

She also makes her primary appearance as a Harbinger of the Fatui when she ambushes venti and beat him to take his Gnosis. She accomplished that without using her Delusion or vision.

Before turning into Fatu Harbinger 500 years ago, Rosalyne was a typical Mondstadt resident and Sumeru Academia student.

She used the expertise of liquid fire to change her body into that of a living flame after her lover Rostam pershied after the Kaenriah fall. She was later called as the Crimson Witch of Flame.


zhongli genshin archon

The Geo Archon himself, Zhongli, is the strongest figure in Genshin Impacts lore. Since no one could kill him due to his amazing power, he pretended to be dead to escape liability.

As the oldest living God, Zhongli is also one of the last survivors of the real Seven. He has big knowledge about Liyue past and present, in part because of this time serving as the Geo Archon.

He currently holds the position of Consultant at the Wangsheng Funeral Parlour and is an Adeptus. But before he faked his death, Rex Lapis had accomplished many remarkable things.

Zhongli was not just capable of killing many little animals and gods of the apocalypse like Azhdara and Osial, but he could also build vast areas of land with just the motion of this hands. For example, he used big stone lances to defeat Osial.

Later the Gunyun stone Forest, a real island, emerged in the aftermath of this conflict. Zhongli relocated his people South of Mount Tianheng approximately 3700 years before he founded Liyue Harbor. Further, he could produce Mora, the Teyvati currency that bears his name.

Yae Miko

yae miko genshin archon

Matched to other characters on this list, Yae Miko power does not rely fully on her physical power. Undeniably, she may find a hard time going head to head against any person on this list. This is because her real strength lies in her power and intelligence.

We would love to believe that there are all types of fighters and Yae is not a powerful fighter in a physical sense. But if she decides to use her intelligence and craftiness in a fight, there is no doubt that Yae Miko would win.

Yae Miko is said to be the powerful Yokai among all the Yokais in Genshin Impact. This addition highlights her power because although we see Yae Miko with an “Electro “Vision’”. It is just ornamental.


mona genshin archon

Mona is full of herself and thankfully has the talent in both magic and astrology to back it up. Although it has never been used in gameplay, she is actually able to teleport others to far away distances without any preparations. Mona’s knowledge in astrology has given her the capability to discern whether or not any person is lying, making her very helpful in social conditions even if she does not truly have any sense when it comes to money.

Her expertise in magic is proven when Mona unlocks a door in Mondstadt that had a magical seal – a feat no one was capable of. She then uses this room as her magical lab and new abode.


kequing genshin archon

Kequing is the Yuheng of Liyue – a position that puts her in charge of livelihood, development, affairs of the state and real estate. Kequing is a gifted who is lighting quick in the battlefield and permits her to decimate foes before they can so much as blink.

Her Skepticism of the Teyvat gods has done much to encourage Keqing to better herself. This lady personally overseas and solves even the most trivial of issues that many in Liyue consider her to be overworked. Still Kequing grips a lot of power both politically and physically that she can decimate any foe that preys on the people of Liyue.

How many people play Genshin Impact?

Genshin Impact, designed by miHoYo, is a RPG released in September 2021. It is a fully action-packed game and free to play. With the Gacha system, Genshin impact has earned more than $3.8 billion in its first year.

Genshin impact has approximately 63,264,014 active players according to the data provided by Active players, with all-time high registering around 850,000 concurrent players. Despite its status, there has been some controversy about the Gacha system and how the game earns profit. There have been issues about the lack of diversity in the game’s characters. These controversies and concerns have led to a mass exodus the game still enjoys big popularity.

Genshin Impact player count by device

Genshin Impact player count by device

Genshim impact is presently accessible on iOS, Android, PS5, PC and PS4. The game’s accessibility is one of its key attractions and the reason for its popularity.

The game application was awarded as the Top game App in 2020 for both Apple App store and Google Play store. It was also the winner in the Graphic and visuals category of the 2021 Apple Design Awards. Another big win is Sensor Tower mobile application game revenue report declaring Genshin Impact as the September 2021 highest-grossing mobile game.

The distribution is about 50-50 between Android and iOS. There are more people playing on Android outside China because there is no Google Play store in China. For the same reason, there are more iOS players in China than in the rest of the globe. Chinese players download the Genshin impact app from either the Chinese app stores or Apple app store.

It is very difficult to estimate the number of PC players. This is because Genshin impact for PC runs out of miHoYo’s own servers. Thus, it is hard for 3rd parties to access and determine the number of active or live players.

How much money has Genshin impact made?

How much money has Genshin impact made

Genshin impact had one of the most victorious game launches in history.  According to Sensor Tower estimates, the mobile game made over $246 million in player spending in the first month. In America, the app ranked in an estimated $45 million in the primary month.

If you could play on PS and PC the amount could be so much higher. The only other mobile game that has ever made as much cash in its first month is Pokemon GO, which earned $283 million. So basically, Genshin impact has possibly made more cash than any other free game even in its first month and first year. Genshin impact makes most of its profit from mobile gaming. A big proportion of that income is from China, closely followed by the USA and Japan respectively.

Apart from that, Genshin Impact became the biggest revenue generator for both Google Play and Apple App store globally. The app rose above favorites such as Honor of Kings, Tencent, Pokemon GO, Monster strike and PUBG Mobile.

Though the game is free-to-play, players can level up to powerful characters and more strong weapons by spending on microtransactions in the Gacha system. Unlike many other free-to-play games, this game is not overbearing with prompts to spend. Players can pick to play without ever spending a dime.

End words 

Now we can define the game and strong characters as what it really is. Genshin impact is an open-world PRG where players have the choice to roam alone, complete quests and grind, and if they want, can invite up to 3 players to participate in exploring the Genshin Impact world.

Some players even said they don’t feel like the game is an MMO when enjoying it, and games like Fortnite: and CS: Go have more MMO in them than Genshin Impact because of its accessibility to other players.