Genshin Impact, the popular open-world RPG, has gained immense popularity since its release in September 2020. The game involves a captivating storyline, various playable characters, and an extensive open-world to explore.

However, what sets Genshin Impact apart from other RPG games is its collectible card game (TCG) system, which adds a layer of strategy to the game. It allows players to collect, trade, and build unique decks to use in battles against other players or in-game bosses.

This article focuses on Ayato, one of the playable characters in Genshin Impact. Ayato is a five-star Cryo sword character with unique abilities and skill sets that make him a valuable addition to any TCG deck. This guide is aimed at players who are looking to build a strong TCG deck centered around Ayato.

So, buckle up and get ready to learn everything you need to know about Ayato’s TCG deck and dominate the game. Let’s dive in!

Overview of Ayato



Ayato is a 4-star Cryo sword character in Genshin Impact. He is a member of the Kamisato Clan and is the younger brother of Kamisato Ayaka. Ayato’s elemental burst, Kamisato Art: Soumetsu, deals Cryo damage to enemies and creates an aura that deals Cryo damage to enemies near Ayato.


Ayato excels in dealing Cryo damage, making him a great addition to any team that needs a Cryo character. His elemental skill, Kamisato Art: Hyouka, deals AoE Cryo damage and grants temporary invincibility to Ayato, making it a useful tool for crowd control. Ayato’s normal attacks also have a chance to deal additional Cryo damage, allowing him to deal consistent damage to enemies.


Ayato’s main weakness is his low defense and HP, making him vulnerable to attacks from enemies. He also has a limited range with his sword attacks, so it may be difficult to deal with enemies that are far away. Additionally, Ayato’s energy regeneration is slow, which can make it difficult to use his elemental burst frequently.

Team Composition

Ayato works well in Cryo-focused teams, especially when paired with characters that can maximize his Cryo damage output. He also benefits from characters that can generate energy quickly, such as Bennett or Xingqiu. In terms of weapons, Ayato is best suited for swords that have high base attack and energy recharge, such as the Festering Desire or Sacrificial Sword.



Overall, Ayato is a strong Cryo sword character with high damage potential. However, his low defense and energy regeneration can make him difficult to use in certain situations. With a well-rounded team composition, Ayato can be a valuable addition to any Genshin Impact lineup.

Why Use Ayato?

1. Ayato’s Elemental Skill

Ayato is a Cryo user and his Elemental Skill, Senho, can unleash a lot of Cryo damage and increase his own Critical Rate. This skill has a relatively fast cooldown, making it a valuable addition to any team looking to deal heavy Cryo damage.

2. Ayato’s Elemental Burst

Ayato’s Elemental Burst, Soumetsu, can deal massive Cryo damage to all nearby enemies and apply a Cryo status effect to them. This makes him a versatile character for dealing crowd control and single target damage in any situation.

3. Ayato’s Passive Talents

Ayato has passive talents that increase his Critical Damage and increase the Cryo Damage dealt to enemies affected by Cryo status effects. These talents make him a valuable addition to any Cryo-based team composition.

4. Ayato’s Versatility

Ayato can be built as a damage dealer or a support character, depending on the player’s preference and team composition. His skills and talents make him a versatile character that can be used in a variety of situations. He can also work well with other Cryo users, such as Ganyu and Qiqi, to create powerful team compositions.

Building a Synergistic Deck

Building a Synergistic Deck

1. Choose a Focus

To build an effective TCG deck, it is important to choose a focus. This means selecting a main strategy or mechanic that you want your deck to revolve around. Consider the cards that work well together and create synergy. You can focus on offensive strategies, defensive strategies, or a combination of both. Once you have a clear focus, it will be easier to choose the right cards for your deck.

2. Consistency is Key

Having consistency in your deck is crucial to achieving your goals. This means having a balanced amount of solid core cards that support your strategy and having a good balance of attacking and defensive cards. Avoid having too many cards that are situational or cannot be played without other specific cards.

3. Consider Card Types

3. Consider Card Types

When building your deck, consider the different types of cards available. There are creatures, spells, weapons, and many other types to choose from. Think about which card types will work best with your focus and strategy. Having a good mix of card types can make your deck more resilient and versatile.

4. Testing and Tweaking

After building your deck, it is important to playtest it and adjust as necessary. Play against different opponents and see how your deck performs. Take note of any weaknesses or inconsistencies and adjust your deck accordingly. Remember, building a great TCG deck takes time and practice, so don’t be afraid to experiment and try new things.

Key Card Analysis

Ayato’s Key Cards:

Ayato’s TCG deck is built around his Cryo-based attacks and abilities. His key cards include:

  • Ayato: As the main card, Ayato is a must-have in every TCG deck. He has strong defence and great attack stats, and his Elemental Burst ability can freeze enemies in their tracks.
  • Cryo: Ayato’s Cryo abilities are the backbone of his TCG deck. Cards like Cryo Beam and Cryo Blade can deal a lot of damage to enemies, while Frost Aura can provide Ayato with valuable defence.
  • Senpai: As Ayato’s best friend and ally, Senpai is an important card in his deck. He can provide Ayato with additional attack power and defence, and his support abilities can help Ayato take control of the battlefield.

Ayato’s Opponent’s Key Cards:

In order to build a winning TCG deck, it’s important to not only know your own key cards, but also your opponent’s. Ayato’s opponents will often have strong Pyro-based attacks and abilities, making fire-based cards their key.

  • Pyro: Ayato’s opponents will have a lot of Pyro-based cards in their deck, including Pyro Blast and Pyro Shield. These cards can deal a lot of damage to Ayato’s Cryo-based deck, and can make it hard for Ayato to mount an offensive.
  • Counters: To combat his opponent’s Pyro-based cards, Ayato will need to include some counter cards in his deck. Cards like Frozen Shield and Anti-Fire Potion can provide Ayato with the defense he needs to survive his opponent’s attacks.
  • Tactics: Lastly, Ayato will need to use tactical strategies to anticipate his opponent’s moves and outsmart them. Tactics like baiting his opponent into using up their Pyro-based cards and exploiting their weaknesses can give Ayato the edge he needs to win.

Playstyle Tips and Tricks

1. Build your deck around Ayato’s abilities

Ayato’s TCG deck revolves around using his abilities to negate or redirect opponent’s attacks, as well as dealing direct damage. Make sure to include cards that synergize well with his abilities, such as cards that allow you to draw more cards or add more damage.

2. Keep your hand size high

Ayato’s abilities require sacrificing cards from your hand, which can leave you low on resources. To avoid this, make sure to have a high hand size at all times. Include cards in your deck that allow you to draw more cards or retrieve cards from the discard pile.

3. Take advantage of elements

Genshin Impact’s elemental system plays a big role in Ayato’s TCG deck. Make sure to include cards of different elements to take advantage of elemental reactions, such as Pyro and Electro. Additionally, consider including cards that allow you to change the element of your attacks to surprise your opponent.

4. Use Ayato’s abilities strategically

Ayato’s abilities are powerful, but they come with a cost. Use them strategically, timing them to negate your opponent’s most threatening attacks or deal the most damage. Don’t sacrifice too many cards at once, as you’ll need resources to continue playing cards and defending yourself.

5. Don’t neglect defense

While Ayato’s abilities focus on offense, it’s important to have a strong defense as well. Include cards that allow you to block or dodge attacks, or heal damage that you’ve taken. You won’t be able to win games if you’re constantly taking damage without a way to recover.

How to Counter Ayato Decks

1. Utilize Crowd Control Effects

Ayato decks rely heavily on their ability to quickly summon multiple creatures and overwhelm their opponent. By using crowd control effects such as stun, freeze, and knockback, you can disrupt their strategy and prevent them from taking control of the board. Cards such as Kaeya and Ganyu are particularly effective at achieving this.

2. Prioritize Removing Key Creatures

2. Prioritize Removing Key Creatures

As with any TCG deck, there are certain key creatures that an Ayato deck relies on to function properly. By prioritizing the removal of these creatures, you can thwart their strategy and leave them vulnerable. Cards such as Diluc and Hu Tao are powerful removal options that can effectively take out key creatures.

3. Focus on Area of Effect Damage

3. Focus on Area of Effect Damage

Because Ayato decks rely on summoning multiple creatures, they are often vulnerable to area of effect damage. Cards such as Lisa and Klee are particularly effective at dealing damage to multiple creatures at once, making them valuable additions to any deck seeking to counter Ayato.

4. Utilize Buffs and Defensive Options

In addition to disrupting their strategy and dealing damage, it is also important to have defensive options that can help you withstand the onslaught of an Ayato deck. Cards such as Noelle and Ningguang are powerful defensive options that can provide buffs and healing to your creatures, allowing them to survive and fight back.

5. Be Strategic with Deck Composition

Finally, it is important to be strategic with your own deck composition when facing an Ayato deck. By including cards that are specifically designed to counter their strategy, such as those mentioned above, you can increase your chances of success. Additionally, it may be helpful to include cards with abilities that can disrupt their strategy, such as those that allow you to draw more cards or increase your mana pool.

Sample Ayato Deck Lists

Sample Ayato Deck Lists

Control Ayato Deck

A control Ayato deck focuses on removing your opponent’s threats and controlling the board until you can win through a few powerful creatures or combos.

  • Creatures: 3x Ayato the Wandering Samurai, 3x Tusked Storm
  • Spells: 3x Crippling Blow, 2x Shield of the Just, 2x Ensorceled Blade
  • Enchantments: 3x Spirit Ward, 3x Condemn
  • Artifacts: 2x Cloak of Shadows, 2x Silent Dagger

Aggro Ayato Deck

An aggro Ayato deck focuses on playing cheap, aggressive creatures and dealing as much damage as quickly as possible.

  • Creatures: 3x Ayato the Wandering Samurai, 3x Daring Cutthroat, 3x Swiftblade Vindicator
  • Spells: 3x Savage Assault, 2x Evasion, 2x Frenzy
  • Enchantments: 3x Bloodlust, 2x Barbarian Fury
  • Artifacts: 2x Enchanted Plate, 2x Blade of the Bloodthirsty


What is the Ayato TCG Deck Guide for Genshin Impact?

The Ayato TCG Deck Guide is a strategy guide for the trading card game (TCG) in Genshin Impact, focused on the character Ayato. It provides tips and deck-building strategies for players who want to use Ayato in their TCG decks.

Who is Ayato in Genshin Impact?

Ayato is a playable character in Genshin Impact. He is a five-star Cryo sword user from the Kamisato Clan and has the ability to freeze his enemies. Ayato was introduced in the game’s 2.2 update.

What are the strengths of Ayato’s TCG deck?

Ayato’s TCG deck focuses on Cryo damage and has high damage potential with fast attacking speed. His freezing ability also sets up opponents for follow-up attacks, making his deck a great choice for players who prioritize offense.

How do I build a good Ayato TCG deck?

To build a strong Ayato TCG deck, focus on cards that increase his Cryo damage and attack speed, as well as cards that can freeze and shatter opponents. It is also important to balance offense and defense by including cards that can heal and provide shields.

What are some good cards to include in an Ayato TCG deck?

Some good cards to consider including in an Ayato TCG deck are: Kamisato Ritual, Icebreaker, Frozen Fist, Chongyun, Diona, Thrilling Tales of Dragon Slayers, and Cryo Regisvine.

Can Ayato be used in other game modes besides TCG?

Yes, Ayato can be used in other game modes besides TCG, such as story mode and co-op mode. However, his ability to freeze opponents makes him particularly effective in TCG battles.

Is Ayato a popular character among Genshin Impact players?

It is difficult to determine the popularity of individual characters among Genshin Impact players, as it varies depending on personal preference. However, Ayato’s introduction to the game was highly anticipated and has been well-received by many fans.

Are there any weaknesses to Ayato’s TCG deck?

Ayato’s TCG deck has a heavy focus on offense, which can leave it vulnerable to opponents with strong defense or healing abilities. Additionally, his freezing ability requires certain conditions to be met, which can be difficult to achieve in some matchups.