Genshin Impact is a popular action RPG that has taken the gaming world by storm. The game’s combat system is complex but rewarding, and players are constantly on the lookout for the most effective team compositions to tackle the toughest challenges. In this guide, we’ll focus on one team composition that has proven to be particularly effective – the Kaveh team.

The Kaveh team composition revolves around the character Kaveh, a hydro sword user, and his ability to apply water damage to enemies, making them more vulnerable to attack. Building a team around Kaveh and maximizing his potential can lead to devastating results in both solo play and co-op mode.

This guide will provide detailed information on the optimal character builds, team synergies, and playstyle for the Kaveh team composition. Whether you’re a seasoned Genshin Impact player or just starting out, this guide will provide you with the knowledge and strategies needed to dominate your enemies as Kaveh and his team.

Kaveh’s Role in a Team

Burst Damage Dealer

Burst Damage Dealer

Kaveh is a 5-star character in Genshin Impact, belonging to the Geo element. He specializes in dealing burst damage to enemies, making him an ideal pick for players who rely on heavy attacks. Kaveh’s elemental skill, Cycloidal Destruction, deals AOE geo damage and generates a shield around him that boosts his attack for some time. His elemental burst, Penumbra Abyss, deals massive geo damage to all enemies in the area of effect, with the damage increasing based on the number of enemies hit simultaneously.

Supportive Elements

Apart from his burst damage abilities, Kaveh can also provide assistance to his team in other ways. His shield from Cycloidal Destruction can absorb damage, keeping the party members safe while also boosting his own attack. Kaveh can also generate crystals on the ground with his hold attack, which can be picked up by other party members to restore their health/energy. The crystals also provide certain buffs like resistance against staggering or increased elemental damage.

Team Composition

Team Composition

Kaveh can synergize well with other GEO characters like Zhongli or Ningguang, as their elemental resonance can increase the party’s resistance against interruptions. Kaveh can also benefit from a Hydro character like Xingqiu, who can provide additional damage output and healing abilities. He can also work well with Pyro or Electro counterparts like Diluc or Keqing, respectively, to provide elemental reactions and overall team synergy.

In conclusion, Kaveh is a versatile character in Genshin Impact, providing burst damage and support skills to his team. He can be a good pick for players who like heavy attack-focused gameplay and can work well with Geo, Hydro, Pyro or Electro party members.

Best Characters to Pair with Kaveh

Best Characters to Pair with Kaveh



Diona is a great pairing with Kaveh, as she can provide him with healing support and shield protection. Her Cryo abilities can also freeze enemies, allowing Kaveh to dish out even more damage. Plus, her Elemental Burst can create a field that continuously heals the team, making her an invaluable addition to Kaveh’s team composition.


Venti’s ability to group enemies together is perfect for Kaveh, who can then unleash his powerful attacks on multiple targets at once. Venti can also provide crowd control and reduce enemy resistance, allowing Kaveh to deal even more damage. Plus, his Elemental Burst can completely disable enemies, further enhancing Kaveh’s capabilities.


Xiangling is a great option for Kaveh’s team composition as she is able to provide him with consistent Pyro damage. Her Elemental Skill and Burst can both deal significant damage, while her cooking ability can provide the team with useful buffs. Plus, her physical attacks can add to Kaveh’s overall damage output.


Qiqi’s Cryo abilities can complement Kaveh’s Electro attacks, creating a powerful combo that can freeze and deal high amounts of damage to enemies. Additionally, Qiqi’s healing support can ensure that the team remains healthy during battles.

  • Other notable mentions:
  • Barbara for healing support and Elemental Resonance.
  • Fischl for additional Electro damage and Elemental Resonance.
  • Chongyun for Cryo support and Elemental Resonance.

When choosing the best team composition for Kaveh, it’s important to consider their respective abilities and strengths. By pairing Kaveh with these characters, you’ll be able to create a formidable team that can handle any challenge.

Artifact Sets for Kaveh

1. Wanderer’s Troupe

1. Wanderer's Troupe

Wanderer’s Troupe is a good artifact set option for Kaveh due to its 2-piece bonus increasing Elemental Mastery by 80. This is helpful for Kaveh’s Elemental Mastery-dependent abilities and reactions, such as his Swirl effect that inflicts continuous Anemo damage.

The 4-piece bonus gives Kaveh a 35% increased DMG bonus for any attack that causes an Elemental Reaction. This set’s bonuses can make Kaveh an effective support character, mainly used for setting up elemental reactions with other characters in the party.

2. Viridescent Venerer

2. Viridescent Venerer

The 4-piece bonus of Viridescent Venerer increases Anemo damage by 15%. This makes Kaveh’s Swirl ability more potent. Additionally, this bonus reduces the resistance of enemies affected by the Swirl effect towards the element infused in the Swirl effect by 40% for 10 seconds.

This artifact set is an excellent option for Kaveh when used in a composition with other characters with Anemo abilities. It helps increase Swirl damage and other Anemo-based attacks from other characters.

3. Instructor

Instructor is another decent option for Kaveh, primarily if used in a party composition with other elemental-based characters. The 4-piece bonus from Instructor increases Elemental Mastery for the whole team, which increases the chances of triggering an elemental reaction.

Additionally, the set’s 2-piece bonus increases Kaveh’s Elemental Mastery, adding higher damage potential and more effective elemental triggers.

Tips for Playing Kaveh in Combat

1. Understand His Elemental Skill

Kaveh’s elemental skill, Bolt of Fortune, allows him to summon a lightning bolt that deals Electro damage to enemies and leaves an electro charge field on the ground. This field not only deals continuous Electro damage to enemies standing on it, but also boosts the damage dealt by Kaveh’s attacks.

2. Pair Him with a Hydro Character

2. Pair Him with a Hydro Character

To fully utilize Kaveh’s kit, it’s recommended to pair him with a Hydro character such as Barbara or Xingqiu. Hydro characters can trigger Electro-Charged reactions with Kaveh’s electro charge field, dealing additional damage to enemies.

3. Make Use of His Passive Talent

Kaveh’s passive talent, Unforeseen Consequences, grants him a 25% chance to refund energy when he uses his elemental skill. This can be incredibly helpful in prolonging Kaveh’s ability to deal damage and use his ultimate skill.

4. Utilize His Ultimate Skill Strategically

Kaveh’s ultimate skill, Fortune Amidst Lightning, allows him to summon a thunderstorm that deals massive Electro damage to enemies and leaves behind electro charge fields. However, the skill also damages Kaveh himself. Use this skill strategically, making sure to avoid taking too much damage and maximizing its potential damage output.

5. Invest in His Artifacts and Weapon

To maximize Kaveh’s potential damage output, invest in artifacts and a weapon that complement his kit. This may include artifacts that boost Electro damage, attack, and crit rate, as well as a weapon that increases his attack or Elemental Mastery.

6. Prioritize His Constellations

Kaveh’s constellations can greatly enhance his abilities, particularly his elemental skill and ultimate. Prioritize unlocking his constellations through wishes or other means to fully utilize his potential in combat.

Overall, Kaveh is a powerful Electro character with a unique skillset. By understanding his abilities and strategically utilizing him in combat, players can effectively incorporate him into their team compositions in Genshin Impact.

Kaveh Team Composition Examples

Example 1

If you’re looking for a balanced team with good crowd control, consider Kaveh as your main DPS and build your team around him. For support, include Qiqi as your healer and crowd controller with her Cryo skills. As for your sub-DPS, include Beidou with her Electro attacks and shield abilities. Lastly, consider adding Venti for his ability to create powerful wind blasts that can roundup enemies and set them up for Kaveh’s heavy strikes.

Example 2

If you want to capitalize on Kaveh’s powerful elemental abilities, consider building a Pyro-based team around him. Start by adding Xiangling as your sub-DPS and support with her Pyro attacks and summons. To further enhance Kaveh’s Pyro damage, add Bennett as your healer and sub-DPS, who can boost party attack using his Ultimate Skill. And for additional crowd control, consider adding Sucrose with her ability to create whirlwinds that can group enemies together for massive Pyro Damage.

Example 3

If you want to focus on Kaveh’s physical damage output and speed, consider building a team around him that includes characters like Bennett, Kaeya, and Fischl. Start by making Bennett your sub-DPS and healer, who can use his Ultimate Skill to increase the party’s attack. Kaeya, on the other hand, is great for setting up Kaveh’s physical damage with his Cryo abilities, and Fischl can take care of ranged enemies with her Electro abilities.

Example 4

If you want to build a team focused on survivability, consider adding Diona and Ningguang to your party. Diona is a great support character who can heal and shield the party with her Cryo abilities. Ningguang, on the other hand, can provide a powerful shield that can absorb damage while dealing Geo damage to enemies and setting them up for Kaveh’s heavy strikes. Lastly, consider adding Xinyan as your sub-DPS, who can provide additional shield support while dealing Pyro damage to enemies.

Example 5

If you’re looking for a more experimental team composition, consider building a hybrid team that includes Kaveh, Xingqiu, and Chongyun. Start by making Xingqiu your support character, who can provide additional crowd control with his water sword attacks. Chongyun, on the other hand, can use his Cryo abilities to enhance Kaveh’s basic attacks and Ultimate Skill for additional damage output. This combination of elemental skills can create a unique damage type that can surprise enemies and create additional openings for Kaveh’s physical strikes.


What is the Kaveh Team Composition Guide for Genshin Impact?

The Kaveh Team Composition Guide for Genshin Impact is a comprehensive guide that outlines the best team composition for Kaveh, a playable character in the game.

What are the recommended characters for Kaveh’s team composition?

The recommended characters for Kaveh’s team composition are Sucrose, Xiangling, and Barbara. Sucrose provides crowd control, Xiangling is a strong DPS option, and Barbara offers healing support.

Can Kaveh be a solo character?

While Kaveh can be used as a solo character, it is not recommended as he isn’t very strong on his own. It’s best to use him as part of a team composition.

Does the Kaveh Team Composition Guide work for all game modes?

Yes, the Kaveh Team Composition Guide is effective for all game modes, including exploration, combat, and boss fights.

Are there any other viable team compositions for Kaveh?

Yes, there are other viable team compositions for Kaveh, but the Sucrose, Xiangling, and Barbara team composition is considered the most effective.

How does Sucrose’s crowd control benefit Kaveh?

Sucrose’s crowd control benefits Kaveh by grouping enemies together, making it easier for Kaveh to use his AoE attacks to deal damage to multiple enemies at once.

What type of weapon is best for Kaveh?

The best weapon for Kaveh is the Polearm, as it accentuates his AoE attack abilities and allows him to deal damage to multiple enemies at once.

Is it possible to use Kaveh on a team with other Geo characters?

Yes, Kaveh can be used on a team with other Geo characters, but it is not recommended as it limits the team’s overall effectiveness in combat.