The Orobashi Legacy is a world quest found in the Genshin impact inazuma area. Similar to lots of other world quests like Tatara Tales, Gourmet Supremos, etc, the Orobashi Legacy is an extremely big quest that provides a series of quests under it. To be precise, there are a total of 5 quests that come under Orobashi Legacy. And, each of the quests revolves around a puzzle where players have to get 2 items to fix a shrine pillar-like structure known as the ward.

How to start Orobashi’s Legacy?

Orobashi's Legacy genshin

To begin the quest, go to Yashiori Island and find a little camp with a man named Kaji. Kaji will want you to fix the pillars scattered around the island to try and ease the place from the continuing storm. The primary pillar is up the hill from his camp and the primary puzzle is placed below his camp.

The quest can be started as soon as you reach the island. While the quests puzzles may seem sad at first. They are actually quite simple to solve when you start to understand the process of unlocking the pillars.

At each pillar spot, there will be a blue force field that is keeping away from either the pillar itself. Or the wards you need to place the pillar back. The puzzle involves using electro devices to bounce an electro ball into the push field, damaging it.

The beginning part is forever the pillar that is broken, you will want to line each pillar up so that the electro balls bounce off to it.

Usually, there is only one pillar that can be aimed at the force field. There will forever be the end of the puzzle.

You can see the way of the ball at any time by striking the starting pillar with an attack – a bow user, such as Amber, will make things simple as you can hit the starting pillar from far away.

Once all the pillars are lined up rightly, a little cutscene will activate showing the force field dissipating.

Where to get Orobashi’s Legacy world quest?

Orobashi's Legacy

Players can unlock Orobashi’s legacy world quest by discussing an NPC known as Kaji. He is found near a camp placed between Musoujin Gorge and Fort Fujitsu.

Orobashi’s Legacy world quest full guide

Here is a full guide on Orabashi’s legacy world quest:

Orobashi’s Legacy coop

The gameplay loop of upgrading, collection and customization is compelling and captivating. Genshin impact is an unending ball of daring yarn, pulling on any minute-long thread can lead you in unexpected ways for hours. Perhaps, you are on a big story quest but see a chest in the distance, which leads to following an unsolved spirit down a Cliffside and unearthing a rare cooking recipe. By the time all is said and performed, time has evaporated and you forget why you were even in the area in the primary place.

That is perfect, though, because you solved a crane puzzle that sent you soaring via the mountainous air, rescued some travelers trapped in amber, and fought a lumbering mech for some spiffy new loot. The key quest is forever there, but it is a struggle to stay targeted on it as you can, glide, and climb. This world is unparalleled beauty that enthralls and hypnotizes.

Orobashi's Legacy

Story and dialogue are the weakest parts of experience. It is fully perfect to skill through most of t he perfunctory talk as you hit the core quest chains to unlock certain areas and boost encounters. The true story here is created by your journey as you move from place to place.

You control a party of 4 characters, with one on the field at a time

You control a party of 4 characters, with one on the field at a time. Combat starts simple, with each character having a few different attacks, an elemental expertise, and an ultimate elemental attack. Swapping out characters is a quick push of a key, which creates a more amazing and stunning combat system than general button mashing. Using a water character to soak enemies and then immediately swapping to an electro character to electrocute every person is an effective use of elemental synergy, with more hard encounters and time trials becoming hotbeds to try all types of elemental alchemy.  In a fight with different minibosses present and a clock starting you down, it takes careful method to time your elements for highest effect.

Elemental capabilities are not just for war

Elemental capabilities are not just for war. The open world is full of chests and puzzles to test your creativity. Simple jobs like burning the brambles off an entrenched chest or using wind to blow the seeds of a dandelion are accessible in the opening moments, but later tasks involve different elements to trigger a range of environmental interactions. Use ice to make a walkway. Create matter to activate a pressure plate.

Up to 4 players can team up

Up to 4 players can team up, with cross-platform drop-in, drop-out gameplay. Co-op is simple to use, and use a thrill way to fight bosses and do mini-dungeon experiences. Or maybe you just want to hang out, watch some ducks. Co-op is a thrill addiction, but everything in the game can be performed and enjoyed solo.

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How to unlock Orobashi’s legacy quest?

Orobashi's Legacy

This quest can be unlocked after finishing Ritou Escape plan in the chapter 2: Act One Archon quest. You will encounter a man named Kaji in Fort Fujitou, Yashiori Island. Once you discuss it with him, the series of quests will unlock.

Where is the Sky Kitsune statue?

Sky Kitsune statues are statues found in Inazuma. They look like Earth Kitsune Statues. In the sacred Sakura cleansing Ritual world quest series, you encounter many of these statues and may need to get a ward from them by applying Electro to the statue.

How do you get rid of Inazuma rain?

You have to light the 4 torches in the same order. When the torches are lit in the series, the seal around the mechanism will be removed and you can trigger it to show the domains door.

Where is Kaji in Inazuma?

Kaji in Inazuma

Kaji is an NPC primary found in Fort Fujitou, Inazuma and provides the world quest series Orobashi legacy. After completing it, he can be found in the Kujou encampment.

How do I get sky Kitsune?

The Sky Kitsune Statue: Hakushin legacy can just be obtained by opening stunning chests on Tsurumi Island. Note that just a set number of stunning chests spawn in a day, so you might not see the Sky Kitsune Statue: Hakushin legacy chest quickly.

How do you get crystal marrow Genshin?

get crystal marrow Genshin

Crystal marrows are domestic specialties from Inazuma. They can be found close to Orobashi’s corpse, a mythical snake that had the unfortunate fat of facing Raiden Shogun in war. Crystal marrows are placed in Yashiori and Tatasuna Island.

Does it ever prevent raining on Yashiori Island? To make the rain stop on Yashiori Island, you will need to complete the Orobashi’s legacy world quest.

How do you stop the lightning in Seirai Island?

After interacting with all the paper charms, restore the 3rd warding stone by rotating the top stone 3 times and the bottom 5 times. Every time the player restores a warding stone, the Seirai Island will abate, progressively decreasing in size.

Is Kitain cross spread good for Baal?

Kitain cross spread good for Baal

The Elemental Mastery is not bad on her as Electro-charged is one of the most strong electro-based responses. The Elemental skill buff for the weapon passive is also pretty substantial since Baal generates an eye herald-type attack that destroys enemies whenever she uses her expertise.

What is an Earth Kitsune?

The Orangish-brown furred earth Kitsune is a 2 tailed Kitsune from the wilderness Realm. This Kitsune can be reather headstrong, somewhat stubborn, and extremely steadfast in her demeanor.

What is a Memento lense?

Memonto lens is a gadget got during the World Quest sacrificial offerings.  The Memonto lens is used on Earth Kitsune statues to show investigation or chests points, activate mechanisms, and show memories of bygone days.

What is a formation estate?

Formation estate is a new place inside the Inazuma area. inazuma is a Japanese-themed new area in Genshin impact. It is a one-time domain that rewards players with forty Prigmogems upon completing it. Here is a full guide to unlock the formation estate.

How to unlock?

To unlock the formation state domain, players need to light up 4 torches around a switch in front of the Inazuma domain. But lighting up torches is not simple as you might be wondering. There is continuous rain in the area so it is an extremely hard job to light up the torches. You have to play via the full Orobashi legacy questline in order to stop the rain.

Formation estate rewards

Formation estate provides perfect rewards for the difficulty of the dungeon. Within the dungeon, you will be welcome by 2 samurais with their blades. Defeat them and there would be waves of enemies next, but they are much less than the samurais.

The rewards for this domain are:

  •         Adventurers experience x 500
  •         40 primogems
  •         Five electro sigil
  •         2 guide to light
  •         1 hopeful heard
  •         5 mystic enhancement ore
  •         30,000 Mora

Orobashi’s Legacy Full Quest