While playing Genshin Impact, you might come across the “Luhua Landscape” quest. It is a part of the Liyue storyline that takes you on an adventure to the Luhua Pool. Completing this quest requires a bit of puzzle-solving and combat skills. Here are some tips that can help you to successfully complete the “Luhua Landscape” quest.

Firstly, make sure that your party has a Cryo character that can freeze water. This will help you to solve the puzzles in the quest. Secondly, pay attention to the paintings and the dialogue during the quest. They can give you clues about the puzzles you need to solve. Speaking to NPCs can also reveal some valuable information.

As you progress in the quest, you will face some enemies. It is recommended that you take them down using the elements that they are weak to. For example, the Hydro mages are weak to Pyro attacks. Also, make sure that your party is well-equipped and leveled up. This will help you to tackle the enemies and bosses that you’ll face.

Lastly, be patient and explore the area thoroughly. There are secret paths and treasure chests hidden all around the Luhua Pool. Don’t miss out on the rewards that they offer. With these tips, completing the “Luhua Landscape” quest will become a lot easier and enjoyable.

Locating the “Luhua Landscape” Quest

Check Your Quest Log

If you’re having trouble finding the “Luhua Landscape” quest, it’s possible that you haven’t accepted it yet. Check your quest log to see if it’s listed there. You can access your quest log by pressing the “J” key on PC, or by accessing the main menu on mobile or console and selecting the “Quests” tab.

Ask NPCs

If you’ve accepted the quest and still can’t locate it, try asking NPCs in the area for clues. In particular, speak with the locals in Qingce Village, as they should have some information about the painting you’re trying to find.

You can also try talking to any wandering merchants or travelers that you come across in the area, as they may have seen the painting or know something about its whereabouts.

Follow the Clues

Follow the Clues

Once you have some leads on the painting’s location, follow them to track it down. The “Luhua Landscape” quest is all about exploring the region and following clues to find the missing painting.

As you progress through the quest, be sure to pay attention to any new information or clues that you come across. These will be key to ultimately finding the painting and completing the quest.

Interacting with the “Luhua Landscape Paintings”

1. Finding the Paintings

1. Finding the Paintings

In order to interact with the “Luhua Landscape” paintings, you must first find them. There are five paintings scattered throughout the Luhua Pool area, so keep your eyes peeled for them as you explore the region. The easiest way to locate them is to use your elemental vision, which will highlight any interactable objects in the area.

2. Activating the Paintings

Once you have located a painting, simply approach it and press the corresponding button to examine it. This will activate the painting, causing a dialogue box to appear and initiating a mini-quest. Follow the dialogue prompts and complete any required tasks to progress through the quest.

3. Understanding the Paintings

The “Luhua Landscape” paintings offer a unique insight into the history and lore of the Genshin Impact world, so be sure to pay attention to the dialogue and story as you complete the quests. Each painting tells a different story, so take the time to appreciate the artwork and learn about the characters and events depicted in each one.

4. Rewards for Completing the Paintings

Completing each “Luhua Landscape” painting quest will reward you with a variety of useful items, including experience points, primogems, and rare materials. Additionally, completing all five paintings will unlock a special bonus quest that offers even greater rewards.

5. Tips for Completing the Painting Quests

5. Tips for Completing the Painting Quests

  • Pay attention to the dialogue and story to progress through the quest.
  • Use elemental abilities to solve puzzles and overcome obstacles.
  • Remember to examine the painting from multiple angles to spot hidden details.
  • Bring a character with high endurance, as some quests require a lot of running and platforming.

Solving the “Luhua Landscape” Riddles

Solving the “Luhua Landscape” Riddles

Reading the Clues

To start solving the riddles in the “Luhua Landscape” quest, you need to read the clues carefully. The first riddle is about a “flower with geological affinity.” This clue hints at the location of the first puzzle. The second riddle talks about “a place of worship” and a “hill without a name.” These clues point to the location of the second puzzle.

Puzzle Solutions

Once you find the locations of the two puzzles, you need to solve them. The first puzzle involves activating the appropriate Geo Statues. You need to use your elemental vision to locate the statues and activate them in the correct order. The second puzzle requires you to find and examine three marks on rocks nearby.


  1. Try to solve the puzzles during the day, as the marks on the rocks in the second puzzle are easier to see.
  2. When solving the first puzzle, make sure you activate the appropriate Geo Statues in the correct order. Taking a wrong step may reset the puzzle and force you to start over again.
  3. After solving both puzzles, return to the quest giver and present your findings to complete the task.

Finding the Landmarks Mentioned in the Quest

The Geo Slime Puzzle

The first landmark mentioned in the Luhua Landscape quest is the Geo Slime Puzzle. This puzzle can be found by heading north from the Luhua Pool until you reach a clearing with a group of Geo Slimes. Defeat the slimes to activate the puzzle, which involves standing on the buttons around the perimeter of the puzzle to make the Geo Slime in the center change color. Solve the puzzle to unlock the first painting.

The Jade Chamber Painting

The second landmark mentioned in the quest is the Jade Chamber Painting. This painting is located in a cave southeast of the Geo Slime Puzzle. Head down the path to the right of the puzzle, and you will eventually come to a large cave with a statue in the middle. Use an elemental skill to activate the statue and reveal the painting.

The Stone Pillar Painting

The final landmark mentioned in the quest is the Stone Pillar Painting. Head east from the Jade Chamber painting until you reach a small hill with a group of enemies. Defeat the enemies to reveal the stone pillars, which have paintings on them that need to be aligned in a specific order to unlock the final painting.

Remember to check your quest log for any additional hints, as they may be helpful in finding the landmarks. And don’t forget to explore the surrounding area, as there may be hidden paths and secrets that can lead you to the paintings.

  • Tips:
    • Be sure to take note of the order and placement of the paintings, as you will need this information later in the quest.
    • Use elemental skills to reveal hidden objects and puzzles.
    • Bring a party with a variety of elemental abilities to help solve puzzles and defeat enemies.

Defeating the “Luhua Landscape” Boss – Ruin Guard

1. Weaknesses and strengths:

1. Weaknesses and strengths:

The Ruin Guard is a large mechanical enemy that can be tough to defeat. However, it has certain weaknesses that you can take advantage of in combat. Ruin Guards are weak to cryo attacks and geo damage. You may also note that the Ruin Guard has two modes – a slow-walking patrolling mode and an aggressive fighting mode. It is best to wait until it is in patrolling mode to attack and bring it down.

2. Swift and strategic attacks:

2. Swift and strategic attacks:

If you want to defeat the Ruin Guard, you need to be quick and strategic in your attacks. Use ranged characters like Amber or Venti to shoot its weak spots from afar. Use melee characters like Beidou or Diluc to take down its shield when it is attacking. Also, use your elemental abilities wisely, taking advantage of its weaknesses to deal more damage.

3. Dodging and timing:

3. Dodging and timing:

The Ruin Guard has powerful attacks, so it is important to dodge carefully. Strafe left and right to avoid its attacks while your characters do the fighting. And timing is equally important, especially when fighting its aggressive mode. Wait until it starts winding up to attack, then run in and strike in the window of its attacks.

4. Team coordination:

4. Team coordination:

Finally, you should coordinate with your team to defeat the Ruin Guard in the most efficient way. Assign each member to a different role, like taking down shields, attacking weak spots, and dodging. Communicate via voice chat to call out movements and coordinate your attacks. With good coordination and strategy, the Ruin Guard will soon fall before your team.

5. Conclusion:

Defeating the Ruin Guard in the “Luhua Landscape” quest requires both strategy and skill. Use your characters’ abilities, dodge its powerful attacks, and coordinate with your team to overcome this mechanical behemoth. With the help of the tips and tricks in this guide, you’ll be able to defeat the Ruin Guard and complete the quest in no time.

Completing the “Luhua Landscape” Quest Rewards and Consequences


Completing the “Luhua Landscape” quest in Genshin Impact will reward players with various items and resources such as Primogems, Mora, and Enhancement Ore. Players can also receive the “Peace Talisman” item which can be used to calm down hostile animals in the game.

Moreover, completing this quest will also unlock the “Painting” gadget, which can be used to create paintings of specific in-game scenes.


There are no major consequences for completing the “Luhua Landscape” quest in Genshin Impact. However, players who have not completed certain prerequisites before starting the quest may have to backtrack and complete those steps before they can finish the “Luhua Landscape” quest.

It is also worth noting that the “Luhua Landscape” quest is a part of the game’s main storyline. Completing it will unlock new quests, cutscenes, and characters that are essential to the progression of the game’s narrative.

Players who are stuck on the “Luhua Landscape” quest or any other storyline quest can seek assistance from the game’s online community or hire a “character booster” to help them progress through the game.


The “Luhua Landscape” quest in Genshin Impact is a challenging and rewarding experience that is essential to the game’s story progression. Completing it unlocks a variety of resources and gadgets that can aid players in their adventure throughout the vast world of Teyvat. While there are no major consequences for completing the quest, it is important to ensure that all prerequisites have been completed before starting the quest to avoid any potential complications.


What is the “Luhua Landscape” Quest in Genshin Impact?

The “Luhua Landscape” Quest is a quest in Genshin Impact that involves investigating the cause of a painter’s block for the artist Yunlan.

How do I start the “Luhua Landscape” Quest?

You can start the “Luhua Landscape” Quest by speaking with Yunlan in the city of Liyue. Yunlan is located near the northwest gate of the city, near the docks.

What level should I be to complete the “Luhua Landscape” Quest?

There is no specific level requirement for the “Luhua Landscape” Quest, but it is recommended to be at least level 30 in order to complete the quest comfortably.

What rewards do I get for completing the “Luhua Landscape” Quest?

You will receive Adventure EXP, Mora, and Primogems for completing the “Luhua Landscape” Quest. You will also unlock the ability to claim daily rewards from Yunlan in the future.

What are some tips for completing the “Luhua Landscape” Quest?

Some tips for completing the “Luhua Landscape” Quest include having a party with a good balance of elements, being prepared for combat, and talking to all the NPCs in the area to gather information.

What enemies will I face during the “Luhua Landscape” Quest?

You will face a number of different enemies during the “Luhua Landscape” Quest, including Hilichurls, Abyss Mages, and Geovishaps.

Is there a time limit to complete the “Luhua Landscape” Quest?

There is no time limit to complete the “Luhua Landscape” Quest, but there is a daily commission associated with Yunlan that you can only complete once per day.

What should I do if I get stuck during the “Luhua Landscape” Quest?

If you get stuck during the “Luhua Landscape” Quest, try talking to all the NPCs in the area again or consulting an online guide for more information. You can also try experimenting with different party compositions or combat strategies.