Genshin Impact’s latest addition to its already impressive character roster is Kirara, a five-star pyro catalyst user known for her immense power in battles. Kirara’s skills and abilities make her a versatile character that can fit into a variety of team compositions and can dish out massive damage to enemies.

However, to unlock Kirara’s full potential, you need to have the right build that complements her abilities and maximizes her effectiveness in combat. In this guide, we will explore the best builds for Kirara, including the recommended weapons, artifacts, and stat priorities for her.

Whether you are a veteran player who wants to create a powerful team composition or a newcomer looking to unlock Kirara’s full potential, this guide will help you build the ultimate Kirara that can dominate battles and conquer the world of Teyvat.

Kirara Overview

Kirara Overview


Kirara is a four-star cryo character in Genshin Impact. She wields a longbow and has a unique ability to teleport and deal damage with her charged attack. Kirara is a ranged character and is suitable for players who prefer to attack from a distance.



Kirara’s elemental skill is called Frozen Arrow. She fires an icy arrow at the target dealing cryo damage and reducing their cryo resistance. Her elemental burst, called Blizzard Strayer, deals cryo damage to enemies within the area of effect (AoE) and grants Kirara increased damage and critical hit rate.


Kirara is a versatile character and can be built in several ways. For players who want to focus on her cryo damage, they can build her with a cryo set such as Blizzard Strayer. Players who want to maximize her critical hit rate can use a set like Wanderer’s Troupe. Kirara can also be built as a support character by using a set that boosts energy recharge, like Scholar.


Kirara is a powerful cryo character that excels at dealing damage from a distance. Her unique teleportation ability and cryo damage make her a valuable addition to any team. With the right build, she can also serve as a support character by providing energy for other characters’ elemental bursts.

Artifacts for Kirara

2-Piece Bonus:

The ideal 2-piece artifact set for Kirara is the Gladiator’s Finale. With this set equipped, Kirara will enjoy a 18% attack increase. This bonus is perfect for a DPS build, which is what Kirara is built for.

4-Piece Bonus:

For the 4-piece artifact set, it’s best to go with the Thundering Fury. This set gives Kirara a 15% Electro DMG bonus, which is essential for her specialty. With this set, Kirara’s Electro DMG will be maximized, allowing her to deal significant damage in battles.

Note: It’s important to mix and match artifacts to get the best bonuses for Kirara based on your playstyle and preferences.


  • Crit Rate – This is one of the most important substats for Kirara as it helps increase her crit damage. Aim for at least 50% crit rate or higher.
  • Crit DMG – Another crucial substat for Kirara, this helps increase the damage of critical hits. Aim for at least 100% crit DMG or higher.
  • Energy Recharge – Kirara relies heavily on her burst skill, so having energy recharge substats will make it easier for her to use it often.
  • Attack – This substat is essential for increasing Kirara’s overall DPS.

By choosing the best artifacts for Kirara with the right substats, you can maximize her potential as a formidable DPS character in the game.

Weapons for Kirara

Weapons for Kirara

1. The Catch

The Catch is a 4-star polearm weapon that is perfect for Kirara due to its substat being energy recharge. This weapon increases Kirara’s Energy Recharge by 12%, and if an Elemental Burst hits at least one opponent, the wielder gains a Sigil of Remembrance. The Catch is great for Kirara’s support capabilities as it allows her to generate more energy particles while dealing damage with her Burst.

2. Skyward Spine

Skyward Spine is a 5-star polearm weapon that is considered one of the best weapons for Kirara due to its passive ability. This weapon increases Kirara’s Critical Rate by 8%, and normal and charged attacks have a chance to trigger a vacuum blade that deals Physical Damage to nearby enemies. Skyward Spine is perfect for Kirara’s DPS build as it increases her damage output while providing a unique ability to deal additional damage to surrounding enemies.

3. Dragon’s Bane

Dragon’s Bane is a 4-star polearm weapon that is great for Kirara’s Elemental Mastery build. This weapon increases Kirara’s Elemental Mastery by 41, and it also increases the damage dealt to enemies affected by Pyro or Hydro by 20%. Dragon’s Bane is perfect for Kirara’s Elemental Mastery build as it increases damage dealt to enemies affected by specific elements, ensuring that her attacks deal maximum damage.

  • An honorable mention is the 4-star polearm weapon Prototype Grudge, which is also a great option for Kirara’s Elemental Mastery build.

Talents and Constellations for Kirara

Talents and Constellations for Kirara

Normal Attack: Shooting Star

Normal Attack: Shooting Star

Shooting Star is Kirara’s normal attack, which consists of up to five consecutive bow shots. Her charged attack shoots an arrow that deals increased damage when fully charged. Additionally, if Kirara scores a headshot, she will deal even more damage.

Elemental Skill: Fireworks

Fireworks is Kirara’s elemental skill that unleashes a burst of firework explosions, dealing AoE Pyro damage to enemies hit. The skill infuses Kirara’s arrows with Pyro, causing her normal attacks to deal Pyro damage for a short time.

Elemental Burst: Moonlit Sonata

Moonlit Sonata is Kirara’s elemental burst that causes her to play a beautiful song on her harp, creating a field of sound waves that deal AoE damage to enemies. The burst also infuses Kirara’s arrows with Anemo and Pyro, causing them to deal additional damage and spread Elemental Reactions to nearby enemies.



  • Starfall Sonata: Increases the level of Moonlit Sonata by 3.
  • Pyrotechnic Professional: Increases the level of Fireworks by 3.
  • Harmonic Synergy: When Kirara triggers a swirl reaction, she gains a 10% increase in ATK for 8 seconds.
  • Artful Firework: Fireworks’ cooldown is reduced by 2 seconds.
  • Fluffy Light Symphony: Moonlit Sonata’s duration is increased by 1 second.
  • Twinkling Show: After using Moonlit Sonata, Kirara’s next 3 arrow shots will deal additional Pyro damage.

Team Compositions with Kirara

Team Compositions with Kirara

Kirara as a Main DPS

If Kirara is your main DPS, you’ll want to build a team that can support her elemental burst and maximize her damage output. Pair her with supports who can provide elemental reactions and increase her energy recharge rate, like Mona or Venti. Additionally, consider including a healer like Barbara to keep Kirara healthy during battles.

Kirara as a Support

If you’re using Kirara as a support, focus on elemental reactions and crowd control. Paired with a Hydro character like Xingqiu or Mona, Kirara’s Pyro abilities can trigger Vaporize, dealing significant damage. Additionally, characters like Sucrose or Zhongli can group enemies together, making it easier for Kirara to land her attacks.

Kirara in a Pyro Team

Kirara in a Pyro Team

Kirara can be a great addition to a Pyro-based team, particularly with characters like Klee or Diluc. With multiple Pyro characters on your team, you can trigger Pyro elemental reactions more frequently, dealing massive amounts of damage. Consider adding a healer like Qiqi or Jean to provide support.

Kirara in a Shield Team

Kirara in a Shield Team

When paired with characters like Zhongli or Ningguang, Kirara can be effective in a team focused on shields. Kirara’s quick attacks can break enemy shields, while characters like Zhongli can provide additional shielding for your team. Consider adding a healer like Noelle to this team to keep your characters healthy during battles.

Overall, there are many team compositions that can work well with Kirara, but it’s important to consider her strengths and weaknesses when building your team. Whether you’re using her as a main DPS or a support character, focus on elemental reactions and supporting her abilities to maximize her damage potential.


What is Genshin Impact?

Genshin Impact is an open-world action role-playing game developed and published by miHoYo, featuring a fantasy-based world full of elemental magic and exciting battles.

What is the Kirara build in Genshin Impact?

The Kirara build in Genshin Impact is a character build that focuses on enhancing the abilities of the Fire-elemental character Klee. This build is designed to maximize Klee’s damage output and survivability.

How do I obtain Klee in Genshin Impact?

Klee can be obtained through the game’s Gacha system by spending Primogems, or by completing the Sparkling Steps Wish event.

What artifacts should I use for the Kirara build?

For the Kirara build, you should use the Witch of Flames artifact set, which provides boosts to Klee’s ATK, Elemental Mastery, and Pyro DMG Bonus.

What weapons should I use for the Kirara build?

For the Kirara build, you should use the Lost Prayer to the Sacred Winds, Skyward Atlas, or Eye of Perception weapons, which all provide boosts to Klee’s damage output.

What team should I use with the Kirara build?

The Kirara build works best with a team that includes other Pyro- and Elemental Mastery-based characters, such as Xiangling, Bennett, and Sucrose.

Is the Kirara build viable for endgame content?

Yes, the Kirara build is viable for endgame content, including the Spiral Abyss. However, it requires careful management of Klee’s abilities and positioning to avoid taking too much damage.

What are some tips for playing with the Kirara build?

Some tips for playing with the Kirara build include using Klee’s charged attacks to deal massive damage, using her Elemental Skill to activate other characters’ Elemental Combos, and staying aware of her low HP and using healing abilities as needed.