Calla Lilies are a rare and beautiful flower that can be found throughout the world of Genshin Impact. These flowers are a valuable resource for players, as they can be used to upgrade weapons and artifacts. However, finding Calla Lilies can be a challenge, as they only grow in certain locations and are often well-hidden.

One of the most reliable places to find Calla Lilies is in the Liyue region of the game. These flowers are typically found growing near bodies of water, such as rivers and lakes. Players can also find them in flower beds or alongside the edges of cliffs. Calla Lilies are easily recognizable due to their distinctive trumpet-shaped petals and bright, white color.

To harvest Calla Lilies, players simply need to approach the flower and press the appropriate button. The flower will then be added to the player’s inventory for later use. It is important to note that Calla Lilies do not respawn immediately after being harvested, so players may need to wait some time before they can return to a location and find more flowers.

Overall, Calla Lilies are a valuable yet elusive resource in Genshin Impact. Players who are looking to upgrade their weapons and artifacts should be sure to keep an eye out for these beautiful flowers as they explore the game’s expansive world.

What are Calla Lilies?


Calla Lilies, also known as Zantedeschia Aethiopica, are perennial plants that are native to southern Africa. These plants are highly valued for their striking blooms and glossy, arrow-shaped leaves, which make them popular in ornamental gardens. Calla Lilies are also used for various religious and cultural purposes, such as funerals, weddings, and Easter celebrations.


Calla Lilies typically grow up to 3 feet tall and produce large, trumpet-shaped flowers that can be up to 6 inches long. The flowers come in a range of colors, including white, yellow, pink, orange, and red. The leaves of the plant are also noteworthy, as they are dark green and have a waxy sheen that gives them a slick, glossy appearance.

Cultivation and Uses

Calla Lilies are often grown as houseplants, but they can also be planted outdoors in warmer climates. These plants require acidic soil, plenty of sunlight and water, and a relatively warm climate to flourish. In addition to their attractive appearance, Calla Lilies are used in a variety of ways. The flowers are sometimes used in floral arrangements, while the leaves and rhizomes can be used to make natural remedies and medicine for health ailments.

Overall, Calla Lilies are a beautiful and versatile plant that offer a range of benefits to gardeners, florists, and those interested in natural health remedies.

Where to Find Calla Lilies?

Calla lilies are beautiful and sought-after flowers in Genshin Impact. Knowing where to find them is key to crafting some of the game’s important items. Here’s where you can find them:

1. Stormterror’s Lair in Mondstadt

You can find Calla Lilies around the outer edges of Stormterror’s Lair in Mondstadt. Be careful of the enemies here, as they can be quite strong.

2. Dihua Marsh in Liyue

Another location where Calla Lilies can be found is at the Dihua Marsh in Liyue. They grow near the water’s edge, so be sure to look around the edges of the lake.

3. Guyun Stone Forest in Liyue

3. Guyun Stone Forest in Liyue

The Guyun Stone Forest in Liyue is also home to Calla Lilies. You can find them scattered around the area, but you’ll likely encounter some tough enemies here too.

Remember to use your Elemental Sight to make them easier to spot. Once you’ve collected enough Calla Lilies, you can use them to craft various items, including the Anemo Treasure Compass and Gushing Essential Oil.

Calla Lily Locations in Monstadt



Windrise is a great place to find Calla Lilies in Monstadt. The flowers can be found at the base of the statue in the center of town. The area is also home to many other beautiful flowers and is a great place to take in the scenery.

Falcon Coast

Another prime location for finding Calla Lilies in Monstadt is the Falcon Coast. The coast is located southeast of Monstadt and can be accessed by following the road that leads out of town. Along the coast, you’ll find several patches of Calla Lilies growing near the water.

Stormbearer Mountains

Stormbearer Mountains

If you’re in search of a more challenging adventure to find Calla Lilies, the Stormbearer Mountains are a great place to start. The mountainous terrain can be dangerous, but it is also home to some of the rarest Calla Lilies in Monstadt. Make sure to come prepared with the right gear and equipment, as the journey can be treacherous.

Final Thoughts

Overall, Calla Lilies can be found throughout Monstadt and are a beautiful addition to any adventurer’s collection. Whether you’re spending time in Windrise, exploring the Falcon Coast, or braving the Stormbearer Mountains, there are plenty of locations to find these stunning flowers.

Calla Lily Locations in Liyue

Mingyun Village

Mingyun Village, located in northeast Liyue, is one of the best places to find Calla Lilies. These flowers are commonly found around the village, especially near the riverbanks. Make sure to check all the surrounding areas, including the nearby hills and mountains.

Luhua Pool

Luhua Pool

Luhua Pool is a picturesque location in the central part of Liyue. The area is surrounded by fields of Calla Lilies, and is a great spot for players to farm these flowers. You can find them on the hillsides and near the waterfalls.

Lingju Pass

Lingju Pass is located in southwest Liyue, and Calla Lilies can be found both inside and outside of the Pass. Players should explore the surrounding hills and areas near the water to find the flowers. It’s also a great spot to find other valuable crafting materials.

Pro tip: Bring a character with a high Anemo ability, like Venti or Sucrose, to easily collect the scattered flowers.

  • Be careful of enemies in the area, as some may attack you while you collect the flowers.
  • Calla Lilies can also be purchased from the Florist in Liyue Harbor, but farming them is a more cost-effective way to get them.

Best Time to Collect Calla Lilies

Seasonal Availability

Seasonal Availability

The best time to collect Calla Lilies in Genshin Impact is during the spring season as these flowers have a seasonal availability during this time. While they can be found throughout the year, the most abundance of these flowers can be obtained during the spring when they have a higher drop rate.

Early Morning and Late Evening

The best time to look for Calla Lilies is either early in the morning or late in the evening as they bloom during the cooler parts of the day and close up as the sun gets hotter. During these times, the flowers will be open and more readily visible for collection.



Calla Lilies can be found in the wilds of Liyue, particularly in the area around Qingce Village. These flowers grow in clusters along the sides of hills and near rivers, making them easy to spot if you know where to look.

  • Qingce Village
  • Qingce Clearing
  • Luhua Pool
  • Dunyu Ruins

Knowing the best time to collect Calla Lilies, as well as where to find them, will help you to build up your supply of these important flowers for use in your adventures in Genshin Impact.

What to do with Calla Lilies?

Create Potions and Dishes

Create Potions and Dishes

Calla Lilies are a valuable resource in Genshin Impact as they can be used to create potions and dishes that provide various buffs to your characters. The most common potion that can be made with Calla Lilies is the Valberry Potion, which restores your party’s health over time. Additionally, Calla Lilies can be used to make dishes such as the Calla Lily Seafood Soup, which increases your party’s defense for a short period.

Ascend Certain Characters

Ascend Certain Characters

Several characters in Genshin Impact require Calla Lilies to ascend to their next level. For example, Keqing, a five-star Electro sword user, requires Calla Lilies to ascend from level 40 to level 50. Therefore, collecting Calla Lilies is essential if you want to level up your characters and improve their abilities and stats.

Sell for Mora

If you have an excess of Calla Lilies, you can sell them or trade them for Mora. While this may not be the most profitable way to use the resource, it can provide you with a quick infusion of currency that can be useful in purchasing items from vendors or upgrading your weapons and armor.

Gift to NPCs

Gift to NPCs

Finally, Calla Lilies can be gifted to certain NPCs in Genshin Impact as a way to increase your relationship level with them. This can unlock new side quests and dialogue options that can add depth to the game’s story and characters. Some NPCs that appreciate Calla Lilies as gifts include Linlang in Liyue and Ella Musk in Mondstadt.

  • Make potions and dishes
  • Ascend certain characters
  • Sell for Mora
  • Gift to NPCs


What are Calla Lilies in Genshin Impact?

Calla Lilies are a type of flower in Genshin Impact that are used for various crafting recipes and ascension materials.

Where can I find Calla Lilies in Genshin Impact?

Calla Lilies can be found in various locations throughout the game, including in the Mondstadt region and in the Liyue region.

Are Calla Lilies rare in Genshin Impact?

Calla Lilies are not necessarily rare in Genshin Impact, but they can be difficult to find in certain areas and may require some searching.

What are the benefits of collecting Calla Lilies in Genshin Impact?

Collecting Calla Lilies can provide players with various benefits, including being used for crafting recipes and ascension materials for certain characters.

What characters in Genshin Impact require Calla Lilies for ascension?

Characters such as Kaeya and Qiqi require Calla Lilies for ascension in Genshin Impact.

What other types of crafting materials can be obtained by collecting Calla Lilies in Genshin Impact?

Collecting Calla Lilies can also provide players with other crafting materials, including Calla Lily Seafoam, Calla Lily Bouquet, and Calla Lilly’s Curse.

Can Calla Lilies be sold for Mora in Genshin Impact?

Yes, Calla Lilies can be sold for Mora in Genshin Impact, but it is generally not recommended as they are more valuable as crafting materials.

What is the respawn time for Calla Lilies in Genshin Impact?

The respawn time for Calla Lilies in Genshin Impact is approximately 48 hours, but this may vary depending on the specific location.