In Genshin impact, a Valberry is a forage item found on specific kind of flower, used in a range of alchemy recipes, and as an upgrade stuff for some character ascension levels. Four Genshin impact Valberries can be harvested from 1 flower at a time. The flower just grows in one corner of the Mondstadt area but despite this, additional into the game. It is easy to farm Valberries with the gardening mechanic. To find where to find Valberries, how to farm them, which characters need them for ascension levels, must read on.

What is Valberry in Genshin impact?

Those who have been playing this game for a while would understand that this game is full of special things that you may want to discover for yourself. That is why there are still a lot of players playing Genshin impact, as they don’t run out of things to do. Definitely, collecting items that can be helpful will help you out in getting powerful in this game. That is where an item like the Valberry may come in.


The Valberry is an ascension material that is needed for these 3 Mondstadt characters:

  • Noelle
  • Lisa
  • Rosaria

So, if you have any of those characters in your regular party, you may want get Valberries in bunches so that you can ascent these characters. Anyway, while the Valberry may be helpful for ascent ion, it can also be used as a crafting item for different items in the game. That is why you may still want to get Valberries even if you don’t use any of those abovementioned characters.

Where to Find Valberries Genshin

The Valberry is helpful if you want to craft red dye or if you want to use it in a different receipes for item crafting in the Serenitea Pot. Other than that, this item is not extremely helpful. That means that it should be something that you should get only if you have a use for it.

Anyway, the Valberry can be pretty hard to find in Genshin impact, mainly when you match it to some of the other items that tend to be a lot simple to spot. And, you will need a lot of them if you want to ascend your Mondstadt characters.

The biggest issue is that Valberries just grow in single spot in the Mondstadt area, and that means that you may end up missing them. They can be hard to spot because of how little they are, but they should not be too much of an issue to farm and collect once you have progressed via the game enough.

Valberry locations in Genshin Impact

West of the Stormbearer mountains teleport waypoint

Definitely, there are lots of vallberry spaws west of the Teleport Waypoint. Players can teleport back to the Teleport Waypoint and just go the west. There are a few various ways to go about this farming place, but they are all grouped so it should not take players more than a minute to do so.

North of the Stormbearer mountains teleport waypoint

Going to this place will take less than 10 seconds. There are 4 Valberry spawns in single bush here, and this place is a remarkable place to begin from. From here, players can go north, and go along the western coast of the Stormberer Mountains to get more Valberries.

Two of these places are close to the barrier, but they are simple to spot. After grabbing them, go to the next place.

East of the stormbearer mountains teleport waypoint

If a player needs more than only one Valberry farming place, they can also go east of the Stormbearer mountains Teleport waypoint. There are lots of Valberry spraws along the way.

There are extra enemies to watch out for, and climbing the cliff can take a quite longer than before. But going this way gets Genshin impact players near to the next farming route.

West of the Stormbearer Point Teleport Waypoint

On its own, getting 8 Valberries does not seem amazing. Anyway, it is simple to from the third entry onto this one, and then to the final place, which has another sixteen Valberries to collect. It would not make sense to begin a run here.

North of the Stormbearer point Teleport waypoint

This is the end farming location for Vallberry spawns, which is also coincidentally the end spot where a Valberry can be found in Genshin Impact. Teleport to the Stormbearer Teleport waypoint, and go to south to the spot marked on this map. Then head east.

It might take a little while to collect all of the Valberries in Genshin impact. But players who move fast can collect all of them in about 5 minutes.

How long does Valberry take to respawn?

Similar to other local specialities in the game, once you select the Valberry point, you would not quickly have access to a new batch. Genshin impact follows a schedule and resets the globe according to the schedule.

For local specialities, once you pick the stuff, you will have to wait forty-eight hours or two days for the plant to respawn in the same place.

With just 19 spawns points accessible and four fruits per plant that is the highest of 76 Valberries every two days. To max out an Ascencion Lvl, for 1 character will take 168 Valberries which is a hefty sum.

Plan your farming trips accordingly if you want to go faster the Ascension process.

But, if you are missing just a couple more Valberries, there is another choice to try – Chloris.

Who sells Valberry in Genshin Impact?

In case you are missing that end Valberry for a character Ascencion and have picked every other Valberry accessible, fret not.

There is a vendor, Chloris, who is found in Mondstadt and has a few Valberries in stock.

You can find Chloris on the road going to the 1000 winds temple.

Anyway, she just has five Valberries to buy at once. Her stock will refresh after three days from the day of purchase. Stock is restricted but if you required just 1 or 2 more Valberries. It is simple way to get them quickly.

How to literally farm Valberry?

This is another way to get Valberries and other kinds of local Specialities easily. Thanks to the 2.0 update which included gardening in Genshin impact. But it is not quickly accessible and you will need to reach certain points in the game.

The primary thing you have to perform is unblock the Serenitea pot. You can get the pot once you have leveled up to Adventure Rank 28 and finished Archon Quest chapter 1 Act III.

After you have done these 2 requirements a new quest will be accessible, a Teapot to call home, which rewards the Serenitea Pot. And permit players to make their own homes or realms and decorate them as they please.

There is a lot you can perform in Realm Within including decorating, furnishing, inviting characters you own to live in the Realm. And a Teapot Traveling Salesman, Tubby, who sells some helpful things for your home. You can also purchase plots of land for gardening, under the riches of the Realm section in the Realm depot. This is the place where you will plant seeds and harvest them in your realm.

Special plots

Where to Find Valberries Genshin

There are special plots for specific plants so ensure to read the explanations before purchasing one. For Valberries, you will need the “A Path of Value: Jade Field” plot to grow the plant.

After buying this plot, you can purchase some Valberry seed from the creatures of the Realm section and begin planting.

Crops grown in this way will take two days and 22 hours to completely grow and harvest.

Once you reach Inazuma, you have to reach a level three Inazuma reputation, upon which you will mechanically unlock the art of Horticulture Quest. Completing the quest awards you the seed dispensary that can be used to get seeds.

To begin collecting seeds, you just need to equip the seed dispensary and combine plants as usual. When you pick up a plant, you will get a seed as well which you can plant in the Serenitea pot.

With this, it is much simple to farm Valberries and seeds all at once. The Seed Dispensary can hold up to twenty seeds of each plant. After which you cannot collect new seeds until you have used them.

Where to find Chloris to buy Valberry?

Chloris is a floral merchant that you can come across on the path against to Mondstadt. She sells valberry for more 1,000 Mora per piece. The only issue here is that you can just buy 5 valberries from her until her stock refreshes. Some gamers say that her stock is refreshed every 3 days. It is simple and fast way to find Vallberries in Genshin impact if you are willing to spend some in-game currency.

So Stormbearers Mountains is the place where you can simply find Valberry in Genshin impact. There are other important items required for ascending other characters. You need to know their locations as well as if you don’t want to miss out on chances to ascent your characters and raise their level to make them powerful.