Orobashi’s Legacy Part 1

Being wet in Genshin impact can make some enemies feet quite impossible to defeat. This means that Yashiori Island is one of the hardest places in Inazuma because the Tatarigami curse is causing continuous rain. Luckily, the rain is not real. By finishing the Orobashi’s legacy questline, you can clear the rain away for the best.

Orobashi’s legacy: Part 1 Starts in the Fort Fujitou Area

Orobashi's Legacy Part 1

There you need to discuss Kaji to begin the quest. The primary quest is easy, as you are needed to collect 2 quest items: a Rock pillar warding stone and a Rock Pillar Pearl for the Narukami pillar. After finishing the job, the player will complete the primary story quest and gain the next part of the quest.

To begin the quest, you may initially find a man named Kaji, who can be placed just east of Fort Fujitou, near the end of the path parallel to one of the boney segments of Orobashi. Once you discuss it with him, you will have finished the prologue and be ready to begin part one.

Part one starts with following Kaji instructions to observe the War. You will be informed that the Ward is missing the 2 pieces it needs to be functional: the “Musoujin Gorge: Rock Pillar Pearl” and the “Musoujin Gorge: Rock Pillar warding stone.” To get these items, you will need to solve the Sacred stone puzzle placed just behind Kaji campsite and in doing so, will encounter different enemies. This puzzle is more time-wasting than complex, so be sure to remain calm while solving it.

Orobashi's Legacy Part 1

The last goal of the puzzle is to get the sacred stone Mound to fire its electrical power at the barrier in the heart of the puzzle. Anyway, the sacred stone mount cannot be fire straight at the barrier, so you must bounce the current off of the Thunderbearer Mirrors present around the puzzle place.

To perform this, go to the Sacred Stone Mount and turn it until it fires to the east, at the closest Thunderbearer mirror.

Now, go to the mirror, and manage its elevation down, and have it oriented to face the north-east. This should make it Thunderbrarer hit the mirror, which is next to a berry bush.

Then, go rotate the berry bush nearby to Thunderbearer Mirror so that it aims in-between the stones of the ruin, and is level with the horizon.

Finally, go to the final Thunderbearer mirror and rotate it to reflect into the barrier.

This will activate a cutscene the next time you shoot an electro current, and that present breaks the grants and barriers you access to both the Rock Pillar Pearl and the Rock Pillar warding stone. Take these 2 parts back to the Ward and submit them.

Orobashi’s Legacy Part 1 Genshin Impact: Video Guide