At the Narukami pillar, you will once again get the job to search for the missing part. Use your Elemental Sight, which will take you to a place close by that is guarded by a big water barrier. There are many pillars around it that you will need to set them in the right series required to bring the barrier down.

Orobashi’s legacy: Part 2 begins after your visit to Serpent head

Orobashi's Legacy Part 2

You are needed to locate the Serpent head: Serpent Head and the Rock Pillar Pearl: Rock Pillar warding stone and provide them to the Narukami ward.

After completing the job, players can go to Jakotsu mine to begin the quest “Orobashi’s legacy: Part 3

Players need to interact with the 3rd Narukami pillar to begin the quest. There will be 3 puzzles that need to be solved to complete the third job.

Once users complete part three of Orobashi’s legacy, the weather around Yashiori Island in Genshin impact will be clear. Now, you can go to the Formation island location on the map. You will find a rock cube blocked by a ring of red runes.

You will need to find 4 braziers placed around the rock and light them to drop the protection. Get together with the cube to finally unlock the Formation Estate domain in Genshin impact.

Orobashi’s Legacy part 2 bug

A vital thing we have to mention here is that the game can get bugged during this special puzzle. If, for some reason, a cutscene does not play or a pillar is missing, the only thing you can perform is the log out of the game and then log back in again. This should then fix this problem.

Completing the quest

Orobashi's Legacy Part 2 genshin

Now that the issue is no longer preventing your way, just down and glide towards the glowing orb. Pick it up, it is the Serpent Head: Rock Pillar Pearl. To find the next required part, you must use your Elemental Sight. It will help you towards a hole in the ground. You will be capable of Summon Electrogranum nearby, so perform this and jump in. The Electroganum will permit you to pass via this barrier here. Once inside, begin the mechanism which will make the water level drop again. Approach the cubes here and beat the enemies. Turn around and do the Exquisite chest unlock. Go down the hold behind it. Processed along the corridor, defeat the rivals as you go along. At the end of the hallway, you will find Serpent Head: Rock Pillar warding stone. Pick it up and return to the Narukami Pillar.

Orobashi’s Legacy Part 2 Video Guide