Orobashi’s legacy part 3

After the ending the lighting storms in Serpents Head and Fort Fujitou, the next step in the Orobashi’s Legacy quest series to fix the ward at Jakotsu Mine.

Solving the Jakotsu mice device puzzle unlock ward access, from which you can use your Elemental sight to track down the Rock Pillar Pearl and the Rock Pillar Warding stone.

Step 1

Begin at the Scared Stone Mount on the highest cliff, south of the mine. Adjust one orientation twice.

Step 2

Go over to choice#2 and adjust its elevation once.

Step 3

Glide down and reject the primary floating device. Go past it instead to #3, on the wooden bridge with the 2 boxes. Adjust #3 orientation 3 times.

Step 4

Drop down to ground level, then go to the west and climb up the spiral ledge. You will past a floating device, reject it, and keep climbing until you come across the device #4 on the wooden platform. Adjust #4 orientation 3 times and elevation once.

Step 5

From this point, turn north and go to device #5, which is another wooden place with a single box. Adjust both elevation once and orientation.

Step 6

After the sacred stone mount to activate the gadget and lift the barrier is done. Now you can access the ward at the base.

How to get the Rock Pillar Pearl?

Orobashi's legacy part 3 guide

Facing the ward, go to the right and go via the cavern. Use your Elemental Sight and go with the Purple lights. The Rock Pillar is inside a barrier, so summon the nearby Electrogram to pass via it. Careful, as you will be quickly ambushed by 3 Abyss mages.

After defeating the enemies, climb up after the neighboring cliffs and glide over to collect the Rock Pillar Pearl.

How to get the Rock Pillar warding stone?

If you have already done the Genshin impact quest Gazing 3,000 miles away, you probably have the Rock Pillar warding stone in your inventory. If you have not, head left the ward and use your Elemental sight to go with the purple light into a cave.

This cave features an Elemental Monument Puzzle which rewards a chest, but it’s not quest important.

Sunmon on Electrogram within the cave and glide away the way up using the Thunder Spheres. They will transport you to a ledge with a barrier. Summon Electrogram here to pass via and retrieve the Rock Pillar warding stone.

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