Orobashi’s legacy part 4

Now that you are performing all the wards, go to Fort Mumei and report to Kaji. He primarily came to this area because he had a suspicion that the ruins of Fort Mumei are somehow matched to the wards on the island. Anyway, he is unable to find anything. He looks like he is about to give up when the visitors hear a sound. The ground beneath starts to shake as the once submerged Fort Mumei rises from the ground.

Orobashi's Legacy Part 4 guide

  •         Go to the key pillar and manage the orientation until it is pointing towards the pillars in front of it, which is leaning towards the water.
  •         Swim towards the next pillar which is hovering on a stone platform. This pillar should point towards the pillar in front of it, which is behind a broken stone wall.
  •         The 3rd pillar is fully submerged in the water so be sure to have complete stamina before you swim over. This pillar should be pointing to the pillar north of the damaged wall, close to the stairs.
  •         Swim to the pillar, close the staircase and adjust the orientation until it is pointing towards the next north pillar of it. The pattern for this puzzle is similar to a circle.
  •         Go to the 5th pillar and point it towards the last pillar in the ruins.
  •         Manage the last pillar’s orientation until it is pointed towards the water sphere barrier.
  •         Target the key pillar to active the mechanism and damage the water sphere barrier.

Getting the warding pearl and stone

After the barrier is removed, you will view a Maguu Kenki boss in Narukami Pillar front. Defeat the enemy and act together with the Narukami Pillar. Use your elemental sight to find the missing Warding stone. The stone is only left of the shrine and the Pearl is on top of the shrine top. You can climb up the glide or pillars or use characters like Kequing or Venti to get the Pearl easily.

Orobashi’s Legacy Part 4 Video Guide