Orobashi’s Legacy Part 5

This quest is quickly triggered upon completing the prior quest in Genshin impact. Adjust the sacred stone Mount orientation twice. Go to the west of the crooked Thunderberar Mirror and manage its elevation twice.

Go further south-west, and manage the Thunderbearer Mirrors orientation twice and its elevation once. Then, go south, and adjust the Thunderbearer mirrors orientation twice and its elevation once, as well.

Orobashi’s Legacy Part 5 guide

Go further south-east, and manage the Thunderbearer mirrors orientation 3 times.  Go north-east to the final Thunderbearer Mirror, and replace its orientation twice. Afterward, attack the Sacred Stone Mound to be performed with this puzzle.

There should be Maguu Kenki close by. Defeat him, and then Genshin impact players will just have a few more steps before fully finishing the Orobashi’s legacy quest.

This part is simple to use. Just go to the west and the players would not be capable of missing the item there. Pick it up and climb a nearby wall to an excellent view of the end item in this quest.

Players can either use capabilities that propel them upward, or they can go to this place and glide toward the item shown on top of the shrine. After the player has both items, they just need to turn them in.

Just go back to Kaji to finish the quest, Orobashi’s legacy: Part 5, as well as complete the quest series as a whole.

Orobashi’s Legacy Part 5 Video Guide