Do you want to know who the top 10 characters in Genshin Impact are? If you are a fan of this game, then you should definitely read this blog post! These characters are strong and powerful, and they can definitely help you in battle. So, without further ado, here are the top 10 dps characters in Genshin Impact!

Hu Tao is the strongest damage dealer

Hu Tao

Hu Tao is a great solo damager because of her elemental skills. With eek she can translate her xp into attack power. With her signature spear, homa staff and about 30000 xp she will have about 3700 attack power, which is a lot. Maximum damage in genshin impact is about finding the right balance between stats, and Hu Tao has too much attack power, so the attack stat is not that important.



Note: Hu Tao has the smallest base attack in the game, which makes her xp stats under an active elemental skill rolled at more than 6L give her much more attack.

Hu Tao Attacks

Also, her hold (charged) attack has no status overlap, which allows her to roll an elemental reaction with every hold. That’s why her main friend is Shin Qiu, who applies hydro status right under her charged attacks.

Hu Tao and Xingqiu are one of the strongest combinations.

The following weapons are sorted by the amount of damage they deal, from the most to the least: staff of homa, jade corvette, threat of dragons, mortal combat, black spade on passive staffs.

Note: If none of the above are available, the ideal and completely f2p (free) option would be the white brush.

Small base attack Hu Tao won’t feel, but she will be very happy with it. Also, in a team with at least 3 Li Yue characters, and preferably all 4, a stone spear on awakenings is fine. And the Dragon Thunderstorm is a top 2 weapon at maximum awakenings, but only if the damage is done by steam, in the case of melting or gagging the enemy without reactions, the weapon starts to very much sag compared to the competition.

From the artifacts she will ideally go set scarlet witch, which will give her a total of 22.5% pyro damage and 15% multipliers on the reactions of the first order, from which Hu Tao and played, in conversion this set costs 8 Crit rolls. From the extra options with a stretch you can give kitsune set or hodgepodge, from two pieces of scarlet witch and two pieces of ensemble.

Klee is the best area damage dealer


This character is something similar to Hu tao, but specializes in dealing damage to crowds. There isn’t any kind of a support that necessarily plays her in the guy, but the team consisting of Klee, Mona, Venti, and Bennett is a very strong squad. Mona here imposes hydro status and gives omen, which inflates Venti with her ultimates, and Klee deals vapor attacks with almost all of her attacks, where Bennett provides attack power for the whole thing.



Note: Klee doesn’t play as well against charged attacks with reactions, since in that case you have to do without ultimate, which does a solid amount of damage. Also, this gameplay ruins the first constellation a lot.

Klee Attacks

Klee here wears a prayer to the holy winds, a celestial atlas, or a wanderer’s song. Many attacks simply don’t make it to the Venti screed, while Klee hits it with every attack. In addition, Klee imposes just a sea of pyro status, which allows her to play in pyro teams.

Ganyu is a hybrid of a damage dealer and a snapper


Ganyu, popularly known as a goat (though she’s a doe), is one of the strongest heroes in the game. She is capable of being an ultimate support hero, either by dealing massive damage on her own or by setting up statues for Hu Tao, which Hu Tao does truly massive damage with meltdowns.

However, here we are looking at heroes from the point of view of the main dd, and here Ganyu succeeds as well. Yes and in general her damage is less than the other specialized characters, but her damage with charged shots is incredibly consistent. It does a lot of area damage in every situation, due to the fact that it doesn’t need anything other than a loaded shot. 

She doesn’t have to wait for the elemental skill to roll or provide a setup for other characters to react. And even in various event dungeons, like the boost disk, where one of the challenges will be a doubled ability rollback, the goat won’t feel this. Yes, it will be harder for her to hit her ultimates, but even so there is nothing to stop her from hitting hold.

Note: Ganyu can still set up a pyro element with Xiang Ling and the damage will skyrocket, but it’s not the most comfortable build, and she is valued for her comfort and damage.

Ganyu Attacks

As for weapons, her signature bow is amos, but you can use prototype crescent instead. Legendary bows are also good, but only if you have bennett, because the attack power of the prototype is devalued by the bennett’s field. On the goat’s support, elegy of perdition will go well, if it goes in the statue pack to Hu Tao, for example. With elegy, she and the ulta will be pressed more often, and buff her other Persians, including Hu Tao on skill, and skill incredibly valuable stat for Hu Tao.

For artifacts there are actually different options. The two most common are the traveling ensemble and the cryo set. Wandering Ensemble is one of the strongest sets for Ganyu, who has Xiang Ling on her team with a focus on energy recovery for ultimates on rollback, as the charged attack buff always works, and the skill does a lot of damage, especially under Bennett. However, the universal set is cryo, since cryo set will give both cryo damage and crit. chance, but most importantly, not only in charged attacks, as in the case of the ensemble, but also in ultimates, which goat is incredibly strong. 

That’s the reason why they don’t use the set. With it, charged attacks will hurt a lot more than with ensemble, but with it it will be much more difficult to penetrate ultimates, which is very important because of its contribution to dps.

Ayaka is the best damage dealer for statue teams


One of the best heroes in statue packs (squads where enemies are frozen all the time).

Ayaka is the hero with one of the strongest ultimates in the game. He deals 19 pokes, totaling several thousand percent damage. 

Now add to this the fact that with cryo resonance, cryo set (taking into account freezing the enemy) we already have a 60% critical chance. Add the fact that cryo resonance closes Rosaria, which adds at least another 10% critical chance and we already have a 70% critical chance just out of thin air, which allows us to freely dial up critical damage and energy recovery. 

Plus, Ayaka herself does a relatively large amount of damage with her auto-attacks, and the elemental skill does quite a bit of damage.

Note: Ayaka is basically able to set up cryo under Xiang Ling and their damage will be higher in case of a single target, but if there are a lot of targets, Tartaglia will deal more damage. Also her strongest ultimates are adaptive, which means that during the action it uses the stats that Ayaka has right at that moment.

Ayaka is one of the few heroes that can quite fully use the Montenegrin weapon if there aren’t only 2 enemies in the abyss room, as her ult is adaptive, and small and even medium targets her ult will blow away instantly by immediately absorbing the Montenegrin passive. 

Ayaka Attacks

Of course the best option would be her signature clearing fog. And this is the case when the precious maelstrom is very weak because of the huge crit chance from the outside. It catches up to the montenegin on stacks, and further options are not so tasty and useful anymore, and therefore it’s better to just buy her montenegin. 

But to be fair: the falcon sword surprisingly shows up decently because of its huge base attack and 20% of its passive, but as soon as Bennett Field gets turned on, the attack is devalued drastically. Amenoma Kageuchi is quite a decent replacement for all of the above, as the passive will partially solve the problem with energy gain.

Also, I can’t help but mention Ayaka Ultprocaster, where she only comes out to squeeze ultimates. In solo, the problem of gaining energy will solve the ceremonial sword, but without Bennett and huge crits in the artifacts, a lot of damage you can not squeeze.

On artifacts always cryo set, as Ayaka in 99% of cases played in stat teams, but if you suddenly decide to deviate from the standard, it is quite a good option is two pieces of cryo and two pieces of ceremonial ancient nobility.

Diluc – the simplest DPS


An extremely simple character with no complicated mechanics. In addition, you can always get him, as he is a standard banner hero. He is not much demanding in terms of weapons, and also in the team requires only Shin Qiu as a stable hydro applicator. His auto-attacks are nothing, he just swings his club gracefully and that’s it. 

But as soon as he presses ultimates, pyro infusion will be applied to his sword, and his three-stage elemental skill has no status imposition cool down, which means that using the rotation: attack, eat, attack, eat, you will steadily deal steam damage with the elemental skill, but remember that the standard Diluc attacks have status imposition cool down, so do not rely solely on them. 

Note: Diluc’s three phases of elemental skill do not block the roll of the entire skill and perfectly stack a scarlet witch set. 

And overall summing up all of the above, we can understand that Diluc very well suited for beginners, but also abyss on the need for a full, plus is played as in the standard for him pack, and in the roast feels quite comfortable.

Diluc Attacks

From the artifacts best go set scarlet witch or stat solyanka. From weapons best of all is the sword of dragon bone, which from the third awakening damaged most of all, and subject to the presence of Bennett ultimates and from the first, followed by the wolf perdition, which pours the attack on the entire team, but it is worth remembering that in normal stacks Diluc going into hyper kerry (all the damage is dealing himself Diluc, and the supports contribute to his damage) and has in the team Bennett, use it wolf perdition is not very advisable.

Much better to give it to a conditional Bay Doe on the second team. The Undead is also good, even without shields. And the prototype archaic in the absence of alternatives can always be crafted at the blacksmith.

Keqing – the best electro DPS


The most stable electro DPS, which has a very small and mostly purely symbolic window of lack of electro infusion just for us to take advantage of the abilities of other heroes, at least one. 

Auto-attacks are quite strong, spamming charged attacks does a lot of damage, but scatters small enemies, and therefore most often applies to only one fat target. The ultimates also don’t boast a huge amount of damage, but the amount of final damage when taking into account all pokes is quite solid. 

Keqing Attacks

The elemental skill throws the electric stiletto and has two activation options: the first is to press repeatedly to teleport to the stiletto with the hit when the electric infusion appears and arises after teleport. And the second way to use the charged attack after the stiletto throw, in which case the stiletto explodes and there is no infusion. 

Note: The second method of elemental skill is only needed for the physical build, since Keqing has such a build option, but the electro build will be much stronger.

Signatures are splitting fog and precious maelstrom, both will fit well, Of epic alternatives can be highlighted dragon roar, black sword. Montenegrin also in principle will do, but on it you need to comply with the condition of the passive. 

Amenomu Kageuchi can be given, but even with the first awakening dragon roar will already be stronger because of the multiplier on electric damage in the passive. From artifacts, the best combination of two pieces of electro. And two pieces of gladiator’s end, in a mono-elemental pack the best is the anti-electro set.

Noelle is the best healer damage dealer


A very strong, and most importantly, stable hero. Just provide her with some battery or sustain for ultimates on rollback, and she’ll rip through everything in her path like a tank with her slow but piercing geo damage. Plus she’ll slap a shield (though with a hole in her up-time) on top of it, and give the whole team a boost. 



Note: We’re talking about c6 Noelle (which has 6 constellations), because without the sixth constellation she’d have a hard time balancing stats, and the sixth constellation gives a lot of damage.

Here everything is as prosaic as possible, she just presses ultimates, getting geo infusion on attacks and makes a hit, so let’s move on to the equipment.

Noelle Attacks

Of the artifacts, the comet set when playing from charged attacks or gladiator set when playing from normal attacks will work well. But the new cocoon set artifacts at the moment will be the strongest in any build. 

As for weapons, the conclusion is very simple: maximum damage will be with Itto signature or dragon bone sword, for lack of the first, maximum comfort will be with Celestial Majesty. It is a sword with energy restoration, giving at least some damage from passive, and having a high base, which is very symbolic, but increases damage Noelle, and maximum stability will be with white shadow, as it gives the fundamental stat Noelle – protection and give additional damage on attacks under passive stacks. 

Eula is the best physical damage dealer


It’s a little more complicated than that. Auto-attacks are valuable (no point in using charged ones), the elemental ability has two uses, and ultimates are currently capable of doing the most damage. There won’t be a detailed description of all his mechanics here, since this isn’t an Aeolian guide, but in short, elemental ability and damage can stack a lot.

And stamina reduces the charged version, and ultimates require a set of stacks through normal attacks, after which they pour in pokes with a huge skill. Overall, this is a handy character because it requires no effort to realize its potential in the world, as its auto-attack damage will be enough to completely destroy any enemy.

It is not demanding of teams, needing only a cryo character as a battery to boost energy and an electro character as a superconductor. Therefore it is quite self-sufficient and has huge dps with the right rotation. Of course, her signature will provide a lot of damage thanks to her very high base attack, passive attack, physical damage stats, and attack speed, allowing her to get a bit more stack in the pack. Wolf perdition is also a good option, as in addition to its stats it gives attack power to the whole team.

Eula Attacks

However, the most enjoyable weapon is Celestial Majesty, as it has a high base attack and high recovery rate, which Aeolus really needs, and most importantly, the blades that fly out of the sword during ultimates absorb all physical damage multipliers and can crit, so the damage from this sword is really hard to ignore.

In an epic scenario it only makes sense to put 2. This sword is a dragon bone sword, since the crit multipliers and crushes do a lot of damage, especially snow star silver – since it gives physical damage to Aeolus; And silver can be obtained for a dragon spell, and awakening isn’t hard to get.

For artifacts I always put a set of pale fire, as in addition to 50% physical damage it also gives 18% attack power, but the easiest option would be to do 2 parts pale fire and 2 parts blood knight, thereby getting the same 50% physical damage, but without any conditions, although 18% attack power will not.

Raiden is the only other support at the kerry position


Its main difference from Ke Qing is that it enhances other characters’ ultimates and does more damage itself under the rack than Ke Qing, but as soon as the rack is exhausted, Raiden is instantly discarded, at which point the weaklings play the field. He has two types of builds. A pure D.D. and a sort of core revolver team. In addition to the ult-buff, it also resets energy to the whole team, which allows the sapper to collect damage regardless of his artifact recovery rates. And Raiden’s pure damager does a lot of damage overall, but doesn’t offer any interesting gameplay other than poking at the ult.

Only 3 weapons are worth mentioning, as the rest don’t make much sense to use. Ideally, his trademark light reaper, as Raiden always regenerates a huge amount of energy through attack, and the reaper starts pouring that same attack on the amount of regeneration.

Raiden Attacks

What could be better than that? Homa’s staff is a dd weapon, and it absolutely beats all spears in net damage, but it doesn’t give the recovery that Raiden needs. So it’s a good but situational spear. The ideal choice in the absence of the above two options would be the catch. A fishing weapon that gives the most stats the archons need and at the same time is completely free.

In artifacts be sure to take the 4-part emblem of faded fate, if not available you can pick up a pile of stats, but the emblem gives too much not to use.

Tartaglia (Childe) is the best multi-target damage dealer


He has a huge elemental skill roll, without which he simply has no damage, an ultimate that uses a huge character, and a useless auto-attack. However, his strength lies in the fact that he deals an unimaginable amount of hydrostatic damage. Forcing a dodger like Xiangling with his abilities to constantly parry every attack.

Xiangling’s damage is indeed greater than Tartaglia’s, but under all buffs his ultimates do enormous damage from zero seconds, surpassing Xiangling’s damage. It’s very hard to get used to elemental skill rolls, big team swings before activating his stance, etc. But it’s worth it, since Tartaglia plays pretty smoothly if you’re not too baffled by his stance.

Note: The longer you’re in the stall, the more he’ll roll, so as soon as buffs. Much less ultimates from Xiangling, appear, get out of the stall immediately and throw ultimates into shenanigans during his kuladoon.

This is also one of the best multi-targeted dd’s (by area, with multiple enemies) thanks to the tag mechanics, which explode in four different ways and increase the damage.

Tartaglia (Childe) Attacks

Of the budget weapons, he can carry a green bow or a rusty bow. Of course, you can pull the Montenegrin by the ears as well, but it will kill mostly Xiangling, and his ultimates will be thrown without a single stack at first, so it’s very situational.

The legendary concessions, any damage is perfect on him: polar star, thunder pulse, celestial wing, and if you have at least one of those, give that bow to Tartalia without a second thought. As for artifacts, it’s best to give him a mix of hydronauts, ancient noble ceremonies, stack memorabilia, and gladiator tips. Basically anything with a sea of cretes, as Tartaglia is severely lacking in them. However, of the full sets, a full set of hydro is most often collected, as it gives many damage multipliers to his attacks when rounded without such unpleasant conditions as stack.

Summary: In Genshin, a team of four characters uses a system in which each character enhances the damage of the others while doing their own maximum damage. Alternatively, if you have time, you can read an article about the best Genshin Impact teams.

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