Zhongli is a five star Geo character in Genshin Impact, largely considered to be one of the top S-tier characters, as he has some of the most helpful support capabilities in the full game.

The Vessel to the Geo Archon is featured as the boosted five star character in his Gentry of Hermitage Banner during Phase 1 of version 3.0, but Zhongli will eventually return at some point in the future when Banners cycle back round to him.

It is excellent to know the best Zhongli build in Genshin impact, including his best team comp and Artifacts.  It is also handy to learn what his Constellation perks are and what Talent material and Ascension materials are required to level up Zhongli to his complete potential.

What is the best Geshin Zhongli build?

Zhongli is the powerful shielder in the game, is top matched for a burst or support sub-DPS build. He can fit into many team comps and is very valuable unit for protecting glass cannon DPS like Genshin Impact Xiao. Further, the low-range geo application of his pillars means he does not interfere with most elemental interactions as long as you are aware when placing them.

His burst provides great utility, dishing out heaps of harm and petrifying enemies within a quite big AoE. His normal and charged attack combos are also able of packing quite a punch in the best situations.


zhongli genshin impact

Zhongli is one of the rare characters who advantage from a three star weapon the most if you are building him for real support. The three star Tassel is Zhongli top weapon if you are not using his normal attack, and is only there to give shields for your team.

If you are looking for a mix of DPS and support, anyway, then the five star staff of Homa or five stars Vortex Vanquisher will be your top pick. As four star alternatives, the Blackliff or Deathmatch are best for raising Zhongli DPS capabilities.


zhongli genshin impact

With Artifacts, Zhongli can serve as a buffer for his team. 1.5 Version included the Tenacity of the Millelith set. This set two piece set gives 20 percent HP while the four piece effect gives a 20 percent ATK buff and thirty percent shield power buff for your full team for three seconds when an Elemental skill hits a rival. In theory, Tenacity of the Millelith is Zhongli’s top set as he wants HP and his expertise can continually refresh the buffs with the pillars DoT. Teamwide Shield Strength is also difficult to come by and it actually works wonders with the Jade Shield. In practice, anyway the buffs can be unreliable due to the Stone Steele poor range. For best buffing, you are better off equipping four piece Tenacity on Kokomi or Shinobu.

Zhongli normal attack: Rain of stone

Zhongli standard general attack can do up to 6 consecutive hits, whereas his charged attack uses stamina to lunge forward in a straight line, causing stone spears to emerge along his path. His plunge attack works the same as other polearm users, as he targets the ground below him to cause AEO damage.

Zhongli elemental skill: Dominus Lapidis

zhongli genshin impact

There are 2 ways you can activate Zhongli element skill in game. If you tap the skill button, then Zhongli will make a stone Stele pillars which deals AOE Geo damage around it, and can block incoming hits. A jade Shield will also forma round dynamic character, reducing the elemental and physical residence of enemies in a little AOE.

Zhongli Elemental Burst: Planet Befall

Zhongli summons a falling meteor, dealing a big amount of Geo damage to enemies in its AOE, and petrifies them so they cannot move for a little time.

How to Play Zhongli in Genshin impact?


Zhongli playstyle will depend on what job you are going to be assigning him to. If you are after a support character to give almost continues shields to your team, then you will want to hold down Zhongli element skill button in order to take benefit of his top shielding capability. Perform this in between rotations as generally as possible in order to maintain shields for your party.

For crowd control, you can also use Zhongli elemental burst in order to frighten enemies. This stops them from moving for a little time. You can save Zhongli element burst capability to use if you are shields run out and you are still waiting for them to recharge in order to take as small damage as possible while they recharge.

If you want to play Zhongli in a key DPS role, anyway, maxing out his general attack Talent should be your key concern. Press the attack button for standard polearm strikes, or grip it down to propel Zhongli forward and cause a line of AOE damage. Ensure you are still using his Elemental Skill and Burst to protect yourself and reduce incoming damage so you can stay alive to cause as much problem as possible.


zhongli genshin impact

With Zhongli, synergy is quite much a no-barrier. Due to the usefulness of his shield and his RES debuff, Zhongli is a best support for almost every other character in the game. While Geo does not interact with Dendro and Anemo, Zhongli can still be teamed with characters of those elements as his utilities are still helpful to them.

End words

Zhongli is one of the top support units in the game. His kit has a lot of flaws, even after some buffs he got in Version 1.3, but his shield alone makes him a remarkable valuable asset. With it, you are capable to comfortably take on most of the hardest fights you can encounter in the game. Also helpful in the universal RES debuff, which helps every character in the game and is simple to use.  A very flexible unit, Zhongli is a powerful unit that fits in a bi range of teams. If there is a five star character that is a must pull, this man is post definitely it.