Making a video game is complicated, and takes a lot of time.

The end prize though is very much worth it in the end. There are some downsides, however, if you happen to be a teenage kid in school. You will get labeled as a nerd. Thats off-topic though.

What You Will Need

  1. A computer (of course)
  2. A programming language SDK (C++, Delphi, Java, Javascript, etc.)
  3. A team (unless you wan’t to make games alone)
  4. Software for creating multiple resources used in a game:
  • Graphics Program
  • Music (Midi) making Program
  • Sound
  • Microphone/Headset (optional)
  • Free time… A LOT!

Getting Started

If you don’t have any experience on the language you choose, I recommend you go buy a book, or two on the language. E-bay or Amazon can serve you good there. copying examples and studying through the code can also help, as I have done. Books are

NOT necessary at ALL. When you think you are ready to make a game, proceed.

Think Your Game Over

At this point, you need to get everything about your game on paper. No need for a name for the game yet, unless you really want to. Think of level design, the menu, the graphics, what kind of computer you want the game to run on, etc. Keep in mind though on graphics, most computer are bought straight from the store and have low GPUs and sometimes CPU speeds. So graphics isn’ everything on a computer, as you don’t know what range of PCs you are working on.

Order in Which to Make the Game

You should make the “engine” (the internal workings of the game) rather than the main menu first.

If you wan’t to make your “logo introduction” (like a company logo, etc.) here, you can. After the engine is done, start adding stuff into the game that you have from your notes (monsters, items, levels, etc.). After you have done this, try to make a nice Main Menu or whatever you want to call it and if you want, add multiplayer.

Distributing the Game

Most common way for free games, make a free or paid website and put it on there for download. Then go to other sites and advertise it or get affiliates. If you want many for your game, try to make a PayPal download kind of thing with a serial code attached. That is basically everything you need to know. Now take this knowledge, and spread it with your programming friends!